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Beauty is not in the smoothness of the skin of our youthNor the length of our hair, or a wrinkle free neckIt is not in the shape of breasts or the size of the waistIt is in the way your eyes danceYour body sways with the musicAnd the rhythms of life that y
Marta · 1502 days ago

I have the pleasure of introducing the lovely Robbie Kaye. Robbie’s love of beauty and ability to find it in the most unusual places; brings joy and color into our lives. Her Beauty of Wisdom project is a tribute to all of life.Thank you Robbie for shar
Marta · 2377 days ago

Why is a Russian group of women in their 70s and 80s grabbing international attention?  It’s because they’re rocking the world. Music keeps a person young.  Check the Babuskas out on my blog Living in the Heartland.
IntheHeartland · 2459 days ago

  Her name is Guruatma. Weekly she goads us, her students, to ask the universe for what we want and to believe we will make it happen. “Do you want more joy? Ask for it!”, she exclaims. Whatever worries I may have brought to this kundalini yoga class, I
laineyd7 · 2512 days ago