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Magda Sayeg has changed the worlds of graffiti and knitting with a women’s sensibility. The Austin mother of three is credited with starting yearn bombing aka knit graffiti. She has covered everything from a door knob to a city bus. Read her full story on
IntheHeartland · 2636 days ago

    It's hard to pick up a newspaper (yes, some people still read the morning news in print form) or listen to the news these days without hearing stories related to gay rights. The saddest stories involve the death of tormented youth such as 1
IntheHeartland · 2806 days ago

The most beautiful girl in the world is not happy with the way she looks. She picks herself apart in the mirror every day. She's disgusted with what she sees as her flabby thighs, her too small breasts, her muffin top and her "pelican" nose. You look at
AnaLewis · 2888 days ago

How would you react if you 16-year-old daughter said she was going to sail around the world on her own? That's what Jessica Watson told her parents. Jessica recently became the youngest person to circumnavigate the globe solo, nonstop and unassisted when
IntheHeartland · 2941 days ago