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Spring Training gets underway in February. As always there will be some new, unfamiliar names on the ball field. One professional baseball veteran whose name is also unfamiliar will be absent. Kamenshek died in 2010. Dorothy “Dottie” Kamenshek was the insp
IntheHeartland · 2710 days ago

    On my 2010 short list of women who should be in Santa's "nice column are Rachael Chong, a professional financier who founded a non-profit to link professionals with non-profit organizations that would benefit from skilled volunteer support,
IntheHeartland · 2750 days ago

Mid-Year Crisis = New Life, New Blog :) Hey everyone. So I committed to writing more often and as usual life gets in the way. It's funny I really want to ramp up this blog, I've read some pretty spectacular blogs and I'll love to be as connected t
Coral · 2883 days ago

Change is always uncomfortable, and for earth signs like myself it can be downright painful. And I guess the more profound the change the harder it hurts. Or at least that's what I'm telling myself right now. I spent the better part of last year survivi
Hegemommy · 3107 days ago