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Tags - book

As I prepare for the last episode of A Show To Remember, I look back at this past year. It has been a year of growth and learning for me.Today, Cyrus Webb, the host of Conversations Live, the founder of Conversations Magazine, and Conversations Book Club, 
Marta · 906 days ago

The Give A Book Campaign, is not about any particular author. The books that are present in the videos are a representation and the authors kindly joined the campaign. It is not about whether you are published by a traditional publishing house, a small pre
Marta · 925 days ago

I recently finished Adventures in Mother-Sitting, by Doreen Cox. It left me astonished by the level of its intensity and how much it helped me to see my life as a caretaker and to learn to grow past that, taking the joy and memories with me, but learning a
Marta · 968 days ago

  Figures show that up to a third of sixth-form girls had been touched inappropriately by boys in their school. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/9676600/Explicit-web-pornography-behind-surge-in-schoolgirl-sex-abuse.html And the case of the wo
Elle · 1291 days ago

A little bird has landed, twisting my thoughts for you to enjoy. My new collection of poems is available on amazon. http://www.amazon.com/dp/B009FO2CA8 Happy reading! Hope you will enjoy my poems.  
Elle · 1344 days ago

During the next three days, until 11:59pm on September 4th, 2012. Wee Three: A Child's World, kindle edition is free. I hope you will take advantage of this offer, and delve into the innocent pleasures of your childhood.   Share with a friend, child or gra
Marta · 1367 days ago

    WOTV | Twitter | Facebook | Pinterest | Spa for the Soul | Books by WOTV | WOTV  7 Chakra Teas Writers and Readers, We Need You August 24, 2012 If you have a book, or want to read a b
admin · 1375 days ago

Did you hear the news today? A charity is calling for the 50 shades books to be burnt. Burning books? It reminds me of the Nazis and over extremists and acts of violence. Another case of shock, the new weapon? Read my thoughts here, would welcome your view
Elle · 1375 days ago

Many people now are reinventing themselves after 50. Although I am only 49 (but so close to 50!), I feel that my life has gone in a totally different direction. I have had some of the best jobs that a person could have and yet I still find myself taking ad
Michele · 1475 days ago

“Lost in Time” by Elle Amberley is a poignant tale of love lost, love found, and survival. Though it is a sequel to her book “No Place to Hide," it in no way duplicates the story. It stands alone, yet continues the life of Natasha as she seeks to find a wa
Marta · 1527 days ago

AN HEARTFELT NOVEL, March 25, 2012 By Marta L. Moran-bishop "M.L. Moran" (Bolton, MA United States) - See all my reviews(REAL NAME) Amazon Verified Purchase(What's this?) This review is from: Nowhere Left to Hide (Kindle Edition) "Nowhere Le
Marta · 1527 days ago

Why oh Why? Giving has never been a problem for me. If a squirrel was sick and needed some blood I would probably be first in line. I have loved foster children and homeless people and cared for them in my home. Why oh why is it so easy for me to give and
doreenb8 · 1666 days ago

Just hot of the press, Elle's book is now available for download. Paperback is out next week. Indio Press asked me to do the update on Elle's behalf. Thanks everybody for your support. Go and check it out, perfect read when it's cold outside and it will wa
Elle · 1668 days ago

It was a sad Summer for Bill and his family, his cancer had come back and would not be extinguished, but through Facebook, many of Bill's former drum corps "brats" shared photos and stories with him, his family, and each other. He was the manager of our Sa
laineyd7 · 1671 days ago

I have the great pleasure and honour to welcome Ana on my blog on Monday. She has written a wonderful post for me and I can't wait to share it with you. She has also written a blurb for my new novel, out in November. I can't tell you how touched I am. This
Elle · 1676 days ago

I cannot wait until this month is over and NOT so I no longer have to think of something to write involving sex. It is mainly because next month; November 8th to be exact is the release date of my very first book. Amazon and Barnes and Noble .com here I c
doreenb8 · 1678 days ago

Did you know my new novel was coming out soon? Am I feeling nervous? What do you mean? I'm a nervous type person! I've been doing my best to ignore it. It worked while I was too ill to network. Now, I'm back, I can't hide any more. Read here, I'm not nervo
Elle · 1700 days ago

Is there an ebook you'd like to read ... but you're still not sold on the idea of a Kindle or a Nook? You don't have to go out and buy a new electronic reader if you have an iPad, or some other electronic device on which you can read. Both Amazon and Barne
AnnPietrangelo · 1718 days ago

Would you join in the debate?   You write a book, give it a title and then comes the debate  between you and your publisher.  So, just for fun, which title would you prefer? Nowhere Left To Hide or Lost And Found In LA Next week, I'll tell you the s
Elle · 1774 days ago

I have just released my second book "The 4-1-1 on Life Skills" and have self-published it through my company Open Pages Publishing, LLC.  This is a book about those basic life skills needed by adults of all ages for every day living.  I learned so much alo
Michele · 1798 days ago

  OK, I love Facebook. Only idiots don't change their minds.     Say what? I hear you scream. All my friends laughed, my editor smiled. I resisted going on Facebook, and now I'm loving it. After just one day. Truth is I struggled with the concept of the
Elle · 1803 days ago
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