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Help! I’m Downshifting… This is the new buzz word. It's cool and it's the trendy new movement, what it actually means is simplifying your life and deciding how you can live your life in accordance with your spiritual principles or ethical beliefs. The r
Ebby · 2110 days ago

Today I feel like a ghost who is destined to lug a hundred pounds of chains around for eternity. Okay. Not really, but I am that pale.   Yes. I have had a bit of a bug the last few days. Exhaustion. However, I’ll power through it. I have books to read,
bookmark_terry · 2238 days ago

I recently watched an interview with Michelle Obama and Barbara Walters... she told Barbara and the millions of people watching her, that her first priority was herself.  And Barbara asked, "Is that selfish?" Mrs. Obama replied, not at all and went on to s
Robbie · 2309 days ago

I think about the brave things women do, from not faking an orgasm to trying to work and raise children. I think about the day-in, day-out, mind-numbing tasks we perform and how happy and content women can be regardless of how numb the mind becomes at ti
Karen-Monroy · 2449 days ago

Do you know what is so cool about this subject and the impetus (thank you Ana) to write about it? It's that when I think of women leaders I am thinking about women I actually know... not women in the news or in Times Magazine... women that I speak with and
Robbie · 2454 days ago

I've particapated in silent retreats. I ready myself for them, remind myself of the natural urges to speak I have to be mindful of. In the end, I am forever learning about the noise in my own head and the constant stream of thinking.   This months theme--
Karen-Monroy · 2484 days ago

  Unlearning—this is the major premise of every spiritual and religious path. And most of what we need to do to be happy and balanced and live an authentic life requires unlearning what society taught us. Society, in general, is crazy. You are not
Karen-Monroy · 2507 days ago

Editorial note: I decided to tackle this month's theme, Healing Between Genders, from a few viewpoints: marriage, general social and of course, spiritual. In a dying relationship, I know I'll always see two things: apathy and lack of respect. I call them L
Karen-Monroy · 2515 days ago

This past week, I found myself on the road again.  My family and I took  an emergency road trip to my husband’s home town. Though, not a pleasant reason to travel, I suddenly remembered how much I like the actual process of traveling.When I was a kid, we t
vsnow · 2524 days ago

One always wonders how it can be that if you ask you shall receive. Karen Monroy truly tells us in her wonderfully written book on Sustainable Prosperity. As Karen will tell you we are all programmed by what we have learned, heard and seen around us. All w
Marta · 2572 days ago

Yesterday, Today, and Beyond Some days it seems like yesterday that I defined myself as my mother’s friend and caregiver. I worked 50 hours a week at whatever job I could find. Sometimes two or three were needed in rough economies, when full time jobs were
Marta · 2607 days ago

Last July I hit a bump in the freeway of life. My mammogram revealed lumps, small but needing a biopsy. Test conclusions: I needed to have two lumps removed, one from each breast.  The surgeon said, “Wow you are lucky, easy to get to the lumps and no signs
Karen-Monroy · 2610 days ago

Since beginning my book Wee Three, it has come to my attention how few of us know the stories of our parents, grandparents or ancesters. Seldom do we share our past stories with our children or listen to their imaginative play and thoughts. Are we so consu
Marta · 2612 days ago

  Brian had slammed the front door with such force on his way out, it bounced back open. Deb, overcome by the tidal wave of his ignorance, fell against the perpetual pile of stuff in the dining room. “Where are you going? Brian! Don’t leave! Brian! Brian!
Karen-Monroy · 2622 days ago

  Every morning, I’d been waking to the beauty of spring unfolding. Cherry blossoms, orange blossoms, and the songbird symphony. Smiles from my son, his natural joy sprinkled life as we moved through our day. Deb woke to a house shuttered against the ligh
Karen-Monroy · 2625 days ago

Filthy dishes rose like a volcano out of the sink and overflowed to the counters, tempting me to judge Deb. My skin crawled at the mess. How was it possible to not care about the clutter and the crusted old food remnants now being feasted upon by flies? A
Karen-Monroy · 2631 days ago

Many years ago when I was at my wits end from too much demand on my physical, mental and emotional energies, my youngest brother sent out unbeknownst to me or my disabled mother a letter to my other 7 siblings, requesting that they pony up and help our mot
Marta · 2637 days ago

I had been giving considerable thought to the Madonna/Whore Archetype, the first splitting of the female self post Eve.  Ana (fabulous founder of Women on the Verge) asked me for an idea on a theme for January, naturally I suggested the modern
Karen-Monroy · 2663 days ago

I want to thank all of my Women on the Verge Sisters for your love and support over the last year! I've had so many unexpected surprises and feel blessed by them all.     One Surprise was being told my "nick name" Pollyanna wasn't helping me. I was t
Karen-Monroy · 2673 days ago

    My cherry trees are at bud stage 1. In the middle of winter, defiantly challenging the cold, new buds are forming.  The buds are tightly nestled into one another. Protecting each other, bracing against and surviving the cold. Th
Karen-Monroy · 2680 days ago

Do you ever think: "life is hard-that's just how it is?" Man postulates about nature, “it’s eat or be eaten.” It’s representative of a traditional belief that life is a struggle. Do you remember the bumper sticker: “Lif
Karen-Monroy · 2731 days ago
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