Remember the laughs? The good times, the bad times Thrown together  A friend of a friend Somehow we stuck together I couldn't understand the jibes I still can't Prejudice and ignorance They made you feel ashamed You didn't want to be you It still pains m
Elle · 1438 days ago

Shortly after I joined Facebook and the world of social media, I joined Women On The Verge. It was August of 2010, when I became a member of WOTV. During the last three years, I have learned so much about the similarities and differences in women. I have b
Marta · 1750 days ago

I wrote a rant today in which I said terrible things: nasty comebacks to an ignorant, oft uttered comment and a whole hypothetical conversation, all designed to make people who've uttered such things feel small and..... Keep reading HERE.
theblandau · 1805 days ago

She is tender and warm. Arrives on a morning-fresh Without light knock or bell Like a whiff of tea and toast Upon a hot summer breeze. She is tender and warm. We perch on auburn-dabbed cliffs, shoulder against shoulder Study each other sideways Relax, with
bookmark_terry · 1838 days ago

Express yourself   Meet your new friends, all over the web Pick your network, or use them all   Women everywhere find a new voice, New friendships are forged.   Shy or extrovert, it doesn’t matter You’ve got something to say.   Whatever your interests, Lik
Elle · 1997 days ago

I wrote a poem called Invisibility, it is in my new book A Poet's Journey: Emotions. I wrote it because so very much of my life I have felt invisible. People tell me that I stand out and shine, yet in my heart I am hiding.   I came to the verge at the sugg
Marta · 2210 days ago

  I will be your friend always, no gaps, no forgettings. Not until the mountains are worn away, and the rivers are nothing but sand and rocks, not until it thunders and lightning comes in winter or until it snows in the summer, or until heaven and earth ar
bookmark_terry · 2292 days ago

Will we be sisters? Will we be friends? Can we break the chains? Of stereotype. Let jealousy go, Hold each other, Delight in triumph, Bury the hatchet. Honoring us all, With caring ways, Forgo backstabbing, Replace it with
Marta · 2303 days ago

I love to talk about giving and receiving.  It is something about which I am always interested. There is nothing more rewarding to be a part of, whether done as a group effort or by oneself.  Often, I have had the privilege of being in the right place at t
bookmark_terry · 2410 days ago


  Women on the Verge is a wonderful community of women, not afraid to speak their minds, coming from all walks of life and spread over the world. All wonderful women with stories to tell, experiences to share and most of all very supportive of each other.
Elle · 2585 days ago

  Mothers     I believe that every woman is a mother, whether it is a biological child, an adopted child, a friend, a sister, the mother of a dog or cat or pet or plant…. She is a mother.
Robbie · 2606 days ago

Happy Friday, everyone!   I love communicating online. Twitter, blogging, FB, email, Moodles, Wikis... You name it, I've used it to reach out to people for one reason or another. But we must never forget the value of face-to-face communication.   For insta
theblandau · 2611 days ago

Hand and hand they walked the tor, Clouds above the wind did soar. Laughing over tales of yore, Friends forever walked the shore.   Amazing journey they had, More life ahead so be glad. Laughter over lack of rad, What matters the latest fad?
Marta · 2634 days ago

  Brian had slammed the front door with such force on his way out, it bounced back open. Deb, overcome by the tidal wave of his ignorance, fell against the perpetual pile of stuff in the dining room. “Where are you going? Brian! Don’t leave! Brian! Brian!
Karen-Monroy · 2682 days ago

  Every morning, I’d been waking to the beauty of spring unfolding. Cherry blossoms, orange blossoms, and the songbird symphony. Smiles from my son, his natural joy sprinkled life as we moved through our day. Deb woke to a house shuttered against the ligh
Karen-Monroy · 2684 days ago

I’m not a particularly religious person.  In fact, I’ve always been proud of a certain midwestern sense of self-reliance and steely independence that comes from growing up in the Nebraska prairies.  Pioneer roots, I like to call it.  The problem with those
Hegemommy · 2690 days ago

Filthy dishes rose like a volcano out of the sink and overflowed to the counters, tempting me to judge Deb. My skin crawled at the mess. How was it possible to not care about the clutter and the crusted old food remnants now being feasted upon by flies? A
Karen-Monroy · 2690 days ago

I am still learning.One of the things I have learned today is that having the right friends can make all the difference in the world.If there is a way in which I have allowed my spirit to be almost murdered over the past few years, it has been the degree t
DawnRRivers · 2714 days ago

Ana Gonzales Lewis (right) and her daughter Joli   Children's stories often have magical folk. Sometimes they offer the heroine three wishes. I've often thought about how best I'd use those wishes. As a wise woman I knew that my first wish would be
IntheHeartland · 2862 days ago

I subscribe to get a "Google Alert" anytime my name appears online. Thankfully, Marcia Reynolds is not that common, at least in Cyberspace. Last week, hidden in the middle of the links to my blog, to Huffington post feeds, and some Twitter comments was th
WanderWoman · 2915 days ago
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