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Written in three distinct voices—child, teen and adult—Jane Devin takes readers on an intimate, imaginative and often harrowing life journey. Born unwanted and raised without love, the child-author invents a rich inner life to see her through years of trau
janedevin · 2458 days ago

Universities in the "Show-Me" state of Missouri seem to like studying blogs and the characters of those who write them.  Last year, the Missouri State University in Springfield asked me to participate in a student study on media ethics and the "Wild West"
janedevin · 2641 days ago

"Got to pay your dues if you wanna play the blues, and you know it don't come easy." - George Harrison "Meanwhile, back on my suicide farm, I'm reading about Snooki's book deal." - Suzy Soro, Comedian             &nbs
janedevin · 2663 days ago