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September 16, 2013 | Author: Terry Gibson Aquabus, Granville Island, Vancouver, B.C., Canada (Photo credit: Curtis Cronn) How do I change when I am writing? With great difficulty. It depends on three vital points. Where am I writing? While on the Skyt
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She is tender and warm. Arrives on a morning-fresh Without light knock or bell Like a whiff of tea and toast Upon a hot summer breeze. She is tender and warm. We perch on auburn-dabbed cliffs, shoulder against shoulder Study each other sideways Relax, with
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This is a fictional piece which captures the persona of a woman whose life and spirit I admire and value so much.     Multi-faceted, passionately aloof woman, lover of foreign accents (or bad copies of same), known to do stand-up comedy in front of doze
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The greater damage is not so much the crunching of bones or terror-filled nights. It’s the soul’s innate need to recoil, a caterpillar poked with a stick, trembling, immobile.   Terry Gibson, 2012.
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  The day we met, class was starting and I faced you, sat opposite you in circle. You were not shy about showing people, you said. Still, you weren’t speaking to me and I had not ventured out into the world since my brother died. I was shy, nervous, my bal
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I saw you while you watched your love But a moment it was, a glance I seized like a common thief, snapping a photo without permission. As soon as I did, guilt left me stricken. You’re an opportunist, I thought, Always sniffing out the raw, the real, Feathe
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Teika started her new mini-blog, “Sh*t Teika Says” and pecked this out for us with those bear paws of hers. (Good job, T.)   Five Things I Hate About Summer I wait all year for spring and the blessing of my jumping and suddenly enthused hormones. It’s no
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“Never. Don’t do it,” my roommate Gilles said. “You’re not right for it.”   Oh yeah? I thought.  You negative pompous man, you. Okay, he was right about one thing. Height was not one of my endowments. Like all of my family, I was born of short and stocky
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Despite life obstacles that make Mt. Everest look like a speed bump, I found my way and continue to use a checks-and-balances approach to life. Even with the focus that takes, which I slip up on sometimes, I seem to have fashioned a career of sorts for
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This is the last time I will tell this story.   I need my mother’s love.   I knew this all of my life and It is still true today.   I need my mother’s love.   She was beautiful and I would have told her so if I wasn’t so afraid she’d hit me.   I need my mo
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  Slashing became a part of my life at 21. Shocking behavior, some might think, but not so to me. I'd been two decades in a severely-dysfunctional family and I could only guess at what healthy was. Cutting and hurting myself gave me a strange sense of elat
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I am reprinting several articles I wrote in the late 80s and early 90s. All of these are true stories. In fact, the things that happened to me, chose my life's mission--to fight against all kinds of violence against women, in particular, rape, incest and t
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All names are changed to protect the guilty.  This was a second gang rape.   Dear Tom,   I’m sure you remember me. We both lived in the same town at one time and you and I were in the same grade school. You know my family. You remember me.   But, of
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A year ago I wrote a story on my use of anti-depressant drugs and my experiences in the mental health system.   My subsequent choice against anti-depressants has led me into a different arena–the criminal justice system.   Last February, I made several pol
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  What do you want? What is it you want? As your amethyst eyes Slither over my face Paw my neckline Denting my nonchalance My demeanour so cool – You’d swear I drank milk.     What do you want? What is it you want? Do you assume me Your answer, so easily W
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When I am an old woman I shall wear purple With a red hat which doesn't go, and doesn't suit me, And I shall spend my pension on brandy and summer gloves And satin sandals, and say we've no money for butter. I shall sit down on the pavement when I'm tired
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The truth about me is that I tuned in to Oprah’s Life Class for a few minutes today.  The challenge that impaled my chest only one minute in was, Are you addicted to your story? Impaled my chest? Yes, I’m a super-sensitive person so bristles sprang up
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  If only I had known How tough it would be to be jump-started daily by a vacuum cleaner hose Cracked over my legs And Mom’s shrill tones Yelling, accusing. Frantic, I fall out of bed still shaking and sweating ice from being locked up Alone, last night in
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  I will be your friend always, no gaps, no forgettings. Not until the mountains are worn away, and the rivers are nothing but sand and rocks, not until it thunders and lightning comes in winter or until it snows in the summer, or until heaven and earth ar
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Today I feel like a ghost who is destined to lug a hundred pounds of chains around for eternity. Okay. Not really, but I am that pale.   Yes. I have had a bit of a bug the last few days. Exhaustion. However, I’ll power through it. I have books to read,
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Oh my gosh. I've only got one and a half hours to free myself!  What do I do or say? I want to keep writing. I want to laugh until my face hurts and I can hardly catch my breath. I want to Zumba like there's no sunrise again ever. I want to sing Adele's so
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