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Words can elate hurt destroy enable encourage discourage justify explain lie hint hide manipulate soothe cheer express invite reject describe ...
Robbie · 2465 days ago

  The Contest Why do I loathe contests so? According to the dictionary… Con, to persuade or swindle or Con, that which opposes, a body of evidence or Con, a convict. Is it the competition? Test, a critical examination or evaluation of the quali
Robbie · 2572 days ago

  Sonata Appassionata   I love to slide my fingers up and down their smooth hard surfaces, savoring every inch of their breadth and length, touching them, kissing them, surprising with a delicate tickle. Brown, white, black, their exteriors thrill me equal
Robbie · 2573 days ago

  Tall Men Love Their Height   Tall men love their height A slight advantage from their sight They tower over other gents And cannot stand at all in tents   It does not matter if they’re fat They’re just too tall to notice that Nor does it matter if they’r
Robbie · 2574 days ago

  The ice cream stand Is unlike a pose Hardly a vogue A stance I suppose A foot can be crossed Or out like a kick Tongue out and perched And ready to lick Head may be tilted With hand on the hip It makes for quick rescue When chasing a drip Proud lik
Robbie · 2576 days ago
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