In my early 30's, I remember reading Circle of Stones, a book about women and rites of passage and ritual.  It discusses even celebrating a young woman's first period... with flowers and a special lunch... and a tribute to a father taking out his young dau
Robbie · 2386 days ago

Writing about being on the verge looks very different to me now then it would have done so about a month ago.  For the last couple of years being on the verge felt like doing a lot of things to manifest my dreams coming true: staying busy, 'planting seeds'
Robbie · 2414 days ago

Do you know what is so cool about this subject and the impetus (thank you Ana) to write about it? It's that when I think of women leaders I am thinking about women I actually know... not women in the news or in Times Magazine... women that I speak with and
Robbie · 2454 days ago

Words can elate hurt destroy enable encourage discourage justify explain lie hint hide manipulate soothe cheer express invite reject describe ...
Robbie · 2468 days ago

I  believe that the higher the consciousness about gender and people differences, the faster this collective healing, already in effect, will progress.  And I know I always come back to this... but... self-love and self acceptance is a great place to start
Robbie · 2518 days ago

Healing betweens the genders... what a beautiful concept.  Perhaps all healing stems from acceptance... acceptance of the fact that we are all different and with that comes a variation of opinion and behavior.  Is it or was it ever about equality? Of cours
Robbie · 2519 days ago

  Tall Men Love Their Height   Tall men love their height A slight advantage from their sight They tower over other gents And cannot stand at all in tents   It does not matter if they’re fat They’re just too tall to notice that Nor does it matter if they’r
Robbie · 2577 days ago

I have several Sheros who shaped my life and path but I will write about the first today.  Diana Clark in Portland, Oregon was my first spirituall guru -  my inspiration for searching and finding my true voice and soul.  She taught me how to appreciat this
Robbie · 2604 days ago
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