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I recently watched an interview with Michelle Obama and Barbara Walters... she told Barbara and the millions of people watching her, that her first priority was herself.  And Barbara asked, "Is that selfish?" Mrs. Obama replied, not at all and went on to s
Robbie · 2489 days ago

In my early 30's, I remember reading Circle of Stones, a book about women and rites of passage and ritual.  It discusses even celebrating a young woman's first period... with flowers and a special lunch... and a tribute to a father taking out his young dau
Robbie · 2566 days ago

Writing about sex is like writing about my entire life.  It was never taught to me as a sacred practice, so it was never sacred... not until the last 10-15 years or so of my life and after I was introduced to tantric sexual practices.  My sexuality is defi
Robbie · 2569 days ago

Writing about being on the verge looks very different to me now then it would have done so about a month ago.  For the last couple of years being on the verge felt like doing a lot of things to manifest my dreams coming true: staying busy, 'planting seeds'
Robbie · 2594 days ago

Do you know what is so cool about this subject and the impetus (thank you Ana) to write about it? It's that when I think of women leaders I am thinking about women I actually know... not women in the news or in Times Magazine... women that I speak with and
Robbie · 2634 days ago

When I think about women leaders, many women come to mind.  For one, Clarissa Pinkola Estes who wrote Women Who Run with the Wolves, was an innovator of introducing the power of women through the power of words and stories. I remember reading and feeling e
Robbie · 2636 days ago

Words can elate hurt destroy enable encourage discourage justify explain lie hint hide manipulate soothe cheer express invite reject describe ...
Robbie · 2648 days ago

There have been two things that were my refuge for most of life. From age 16 my refuge consisted of words and music.  I wrote my first song then, and it was as if I took a trip to that proverbial island, where I could be who I am and not care about anythin
Robbie · 2652 days ago

I  believe that the higher the consciousness about gender and people differences, the faster this collective healing, already in effect, will progress.  And I know I always come back to this... but... self-love and self acceptance is a great place to start
Robbie · 2698 days ago

Healing betweens the genders... what a beautiful concept.  Perhaps all healing stems from acceptance... acceptance of the fact that we are all different and with that comes a variation of opinion and behavior.  Is it or was it ever about equality? Of cours
Robbie · 2699 days ago

Long Distance Mothers I live 3000 miles away from my mother and see her maybe twice a year.  It's funny how things turn around with time...and before you know it, you wish you were closer so you could share some of those moments that you now realize are pr
Robbie · 2725 days ago

  Mothers     I believe that every woman is a mother, whether it is a biological child, an adopted child, a friend, a sister, the mother of a dog or cat or pet or plant…. She is a mother.
Robbie · 2726 days ago

  I don't really know what to write as the words in my head start to fight so I open a bottle of wine and the words start to pour out in time   but a headache is coming on quick and my thoughts are starting to stick so I read some more poems on the Verge a
Robbie · 2743 days ago

  The Contest Why do I loathe contests so? According to the dictionary… Con, to persuade or swindle or Con, that which opposes, a body of evidence or Con, a convict. Is it the competition? Test, a critical examination or evaluation of the quali
Robbie · 2755 days ago

  Sonata Appassionata   I love to slide my fingers up and down their smooth hard surfaces, savoring every inch of their breadth and length, touching them, kissing them, surprising with a delicate tickle. Brown, white, black, their exteriors thrill me equal
Robbie · 2756 days ago

  Tall Men Love Their Height   Tall men love their height A slight advantage from their sight They tower over other gents And cannot stand at all in tents   It does not matter if they’re fat They’re just too tall to notice that Nor does it matter if they’r
Robbie · 2757 days ago

  The ice cream stand Is unlike a pose Hardly a vogue A stance I suppose A foot can be crossed Or out like a kick Tongue out and perched And ready to lick Head may be tilted With hand on the hip It makes for quick rescue When chasing a drip Proud lik
Robbie · 2759 days ago

I have several Sheros who shaped my life and path but I will write about the first today.  Diana Clark in Portland, Oregon was my first spirituall guru -  my inspiration for searching and finding my true voice and soul.  She taught me how to appreciat this
Robbie · 2784 days ago

  I was having the most difficult time thinking of myself as a heroine of any kind. I think that if I consider myself to be that for someone, then just by that association it is automatically mutual. In my road travels for my Beauty & Wisdom project I
Robbie · 2790 days ago

This is truly a conundrum of a subject for me because as a woman, I thought it would be easy to heal energies with other women. Not so. I believe it's because people, man or woman, are on their own path and sometimes where they are, is not where I am or vi
Robbie · 2819 days ago

Sometimes I feel like the quiet angry woman and sometimes I feel like the angry quiet woman.  It's a balance... learning when to roar and learning when to whisper.  Sometimes I get it "right" and other times I just don't.  This topic comes a
Robbie · 2847 days ago
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