Many people now are reinventing themselves after 50. Although I am only 49 (but so close to 50!), I feel that my life has gone in a totally different direction. I have had some of the best jobs that a person could have and yet I still find myself taking ad
Michele · 2229 days ago

Just in time for the holidays! The 4-1-1 on Step Parenting - Essential Tips on: Communicating & Bonding; Combining Families; and More! This book is a great stocking stuffer for those considering marriage to someone with children or those that are alrea
Michele · 2399 days ago

I have just released my second book "The 4-1-1 on Life Skills" and have self-published it through my company Open Pages Publishing, LLC.  This is a book about those basic life skills needed by adults of all ages for every day living.  I learned so much alo
Michele · 2552 days ago

A new book review is out and the reviewer has a contest to win a free copy of my book.  Please check it out! 
Michele · 2683 days ago

Surprise yourself and try something new today. What is the worst that could happen? As long as you can't die from it, why not try it. Are you afraid of failure? Don't be - it's how we learn. So many people are afraid of failure, being embarrassed or just l
Michele · 2707 days ago
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