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Oh, Sugar! I need help!!!!!! The last ten percent is not all giggles! You know that water episode my laptop had a while back? Well, I got to know the guys at the Apple store by first name. And, of course, because I was nice, they remember me.
Karen-Monroy · 2621 days ago

  Well, Girlie! So far so good! Operation peahen, 90% complete. :-) Last 10% should be all giggles!   I had Zack throw their food inside the doggie carrier. They ran in—first logistic hurdle jumped, easy peasy! I was really worried the farmer wouldn
Karen-Monroy · 2630 days ago

  Hi Peaches! We’re having LOVELY weather here. Makes me feel human again! How was your weekend? Are you getting some relief from the heat? Ooh, I hope so. The balloon festival was interesting. Beautiful at times. Way too hot at others. You’ll giggle
Karen-Monroy · 2630 days ago