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As you may know, I recently became the executive director of a small, innovative, nonprofit in Seattle. Of course we have BIG goals, a BIG plan, and a BIG vision. Have I mentioned that I am the only staff person? Everyday I am reminded that realizing our s
JudyKinney · 2296 days ago

I am participating in the Women on the Verge monthly blog extravaganza. This month’s topic is Women Change the World. No topic too big for Women on the Verge, that is for sure! Sometimes the notion of changing the world becomes so big that it can intimidat
JudyKinney · 2345 days ago

  I am excited to be joining Women on the Verge's monthly Blog Talk Radio show this Wednesday. Several other fabulistas and I will be exploring one of my favorite topics, Giving and Receiving. I smiled as soon as I began considering what I would say on thi
JudyKinney · 2409 days ago
Live in the Heart of Life!

Live in the Heart of Life!

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