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Magda Sayeg has changed the worlds of graffiti and knitting with a women’s sensibility. The Austin mother of three is credited with starting yearn bombing aka knit graffiti. She has covered everything from a door knob to a city bus. Read her full story on
IntheHeartland · 2635 days ago

In the ring, the 32 year old Mayan Princes moves like a dancer and fights like a man. Lupita Lopez is a Matadora, a female bullfighter. You may not approve of bullfights (those fought in the U.S. are bloodless) yet it is difficult not to recognize her cour
IntheHeartland · 2642 days ago

Women’s military service extends to a wide range of capacities, even in combat areas. Many have lost their lives, limbs, even been recognized as heroines. Yet, only one woman – Ann Dunwoody – has been promoted to Four Star General. Why is that? Are militar
IntheHeartland · 2654 days ago

When I read about Italy’s Prime Minister and his exploits with a 16-year-old girl I questioned why cavorting with a teenager wasn’t considered rape. Aren’t there laws protecting minors in Italy? At least by American standards Italy’s laws protecting women
IntheHeartland · 2668 days ago

So what’s the difference between sex and gender? Plenty! Sex is about the biological makeup of a person. Gender is something all together different. Gender is a social construction. Gender is a barrier established to prevent women from reaching their poten
IntheHeartland · 2676 days ago

It’s a safe place. A circle where women can come to release buried emotions. Where they find comfort in the arms of others. What is this magical place? It’s the Nobel Circle Project. Eight breast cancer survivors established a retreat to provide a supporti
IntheHeartland · 2696 days ago

Think your 24-hr, 365-day a year job as nurse-maid to your family is tough? How’d you like it if those you cared for would avoid taking your advice and could have you court-martialed? What if you were aware everyday that murder was a distinct possibility?W
IntheHeartland · 2705 days ago

Spring Training gets underway in February. As always there will be some new, unfamiliar names on the ball field. One professional baseball veteran whose name is also unfamiliar will be absent. Kamenshek died in 2010. Dorothy “Dottie” Kamenshek was the insp
IntheHeartland · 2712 days ago

Evelyn Glennie is a Grammy award-winning percussionist. She’s performed with international symphonies, and a wide range of musicians. It’s not her humble beginnings that people find so remarkable. Nor is it because this eclectic and innovative musician pla
IntheHeartland · 2721 days ago

Q. Are you a "quiet" or an "angry" woman?Ana Lewis, founder of, is troubled by these descriptors. Ana feels both give women a "bad rap."Ohio State University professor Nan Johnson wrote in the journal Philosophy and Rhetoric that in the
IntheHeartland · 2727 days ago
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