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Dear Mom & Dad, I miss you.  There are still those moments or things that remind me of you and new rush of tears come & that ache from the dark places within me returns. I know I never said, "I love you" as many times as I should have but I tried t
Heidi · 1257 days ago

I suck at receiving. People have told me they can see the 'deer in the headlights' look come over my face, even with the smallest compliment. Yet, I'm good at giving, just not to myself.  My friends & colleagues, even relative strangers who engaged in
Heidi · 1260 days ago

I hear the sounds of distant wars and imagine men, women & children weeping, while blood is seeping. I hear the silence of those abandoned within their own dreams of hope, now guided by the star of dope. I hear the roar of fans crowning their idols wit
Heidi · 1267 days ago

I see pieces of me falling to the floor, I ask myself halfheartedly what are they for before I leave them be & proceed out the door. I see people passing heads down, I catch myself doing the same & frown and wonder if we looked up would matter in t
Heidi · 1268 days ago

  The following is written as a big thanks to all those who supported me & continue to support me.  You give me courage, you teach me with every word & you allow me to be.   Give us strength for the moments of weakness that come with each day. Give
Heidi · 1275 days ago
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