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I never really appreciated my women friends until much later in life, honestly...in the last couple of years.  Truth be told, since I became a member of WOTV.  My first awareness that my best friends, all women since at that time, during my teens, no one h
Heidi · 1155 days ago

Here is a wake-up call to all those who think they know all about women in their 50's.  To all the checklists, best learnings, latest information, esteemed colleagues, steamed politicans, doctors, candlestick makers, lost in translation, never spoken, writ
Heidi · 1161 days ago

Most agree that we need our inner critic to save us from doing anything that may embarass, endanger or otherwise cause a pause in our psyche.  In other words, save us from ourselves.  However, that inner critic can wreck far more havoc with our well being
Heidi · 1183 days ago

How would I set myself free?   These chains that tie me to my past, hinder me in the present & threaten the future were forged over many years.  They consist of hidden hurts wrapped in the dark paper of anger, tied with ribbons of tears.   Each link fo
Heidi · 1187 days ago

A wish of courage to help you once again light the fire that warms your spirit & grows your heart. A wish of laughter to bring out the lighter side of the day and let whatever shadows within you part. A wish of love to envelop you as you move throughou
Heidi · 1190 days ago

As everyone who knows me can attest to, I am a master at 'going silent'.   I would like to be able to say that my silence has a greater purpose, i.e. achieve an inner peace, balance, etc. but the truth is I am shutting down the world around me to feel safe
Heidi · 1191 days ago

Some of us struggle with forgiving ourselves for a variety of self sins.  Most often these 'sins' take center stage in our individual & collective guilt when we do for our 'selfs'.  Taking the time to read instead of another load, ordering pizza becaus
Heidi · 1198 days ago

I always start each year avoiding a specific resolution by simply stating, "I just want to change my mind & body for the better."  And, as you probably have guessed, each year ends with no changes, no better & sometimes just a little worse for wear
Heidi · 1202 days ago

I'm scared because I see no tomrrow.  The flu kept me bedridden for almost a week recently and lying very still to avoid the room from spinning me out of control, I had no choice but to amuse myself with what's on my mind.  I've had nothing but losses for
Heidi · 1240 days ago

I started this blog at least 3X & then walked away because it temporarily (albeit that's debatable) muddled my brain as to whether there really is a purpose in life, period.  We have dreams, goals & even remember a time, way back, when people devel
Heidi · 1242 days ago
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