****Trigger Warning For Content Related to Sexual Assault**** It took almost twenty years for me to acknowledge the break-in that happened a few short weeks before I left for college wasn't an attempted robbery but was in fact an attempted rape. Waking up
Hegemommy · 1949 days ago

Back when I was first making the decision to quit practicing law and do, well, anything other than work in a law firm, I spent A LOT of time agonizing over what my "purpose" was. "If money was no object, what would you do?" I remember being asked, "what's
Hegemommy · 2375 days ago

Yesterday I made tomato soup from scratch. The fact that I made soup is unremarkable because I make soup all the time, and being that it is September and tomatoes are in full swing, me making tomato soup should be no big deal. But without even realizing
Hegemommy · 2470 days ago

It's not the being that is hard, it is the becoming. It's being on the verge.What am I on the verge of? Everything. Nothing. All of it at once.No, these are not fortunes from a cookie, or daily meditations sent from my emailed horoscope. These are truths e
Hegemommy · 2471 days ago

Mother’s Day is one of those holidays that I face with ambivalence, not because I think it’s some artificial Hallmark holiday, or because it reinforces antiquated notions of gender, but because, for all intents and purposes I was motherless most of my life
Hegemommy · 2592 days ago

I’ve spent a great deal of my 6+years as a mother making peace with my own troubled relationship with my mom, a fact I doubt places me in a different position than countless other women.  The process has been one of starting and stopping, largely because m
Hegemommy · 2592 days ago

Boy this topic couldn't come fast enough.  Life is moving at a pace I've come to call "dedicated frenzy" and my job as a political blogger and teacher has not left a lot of room for laughs.  Seriously.  Even my political satire workshop with the ever aweso
Hegemommy · 2632 days ago

I’m not a particularly religious person.  In fact, I’ve always been proud of a certain midwestern sense of self-reliance and steely independence that comes from growing up in the Nebraska prairies.  Pioneer roots, I like to call it.  The problem with those
Hegemommy · 2687 days ago

We’re having a bit of a January thaw here in Minnesota.    And while January is really the dregs of the deep freeze, the longest stretch of unbearable cold in a state where unbearable cold is the norm, already there have been some small and subtle reminder
Hegemommy · 2702 days ago
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