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The holiday season is a season of lists: gift lists, card lists, lists of seasonal events, grocery lists for holiday feasts, and lists of New Year’s resolutions. However, as business owners, we can often forget to focus on one of the most important l
Fuster · 2510 days ago

  Business is serious. Your paycheck, your mortgage or rent, your car payment(s), your health insurance, food, gas, and a multitude of other monthly bills, both for you and your small business, count on you being able to turn a profit. This is no time f
Fuster · 2641 days ago

We all want a multitude of loving, adoring, buying fans. And we put our energy out there to try and attract them to our brilliance and our fantastic products and services. But many small business owners and solo professionals are left wondering, “Where’
Fuster · 2756 days ago

      I was editing a book for a customer and we decided to use the dictionary to help with inspiration for some synonyms for the word “risk”. Although I knew it from experience, after reading the definition, it struck me how “risk” is one of the few
Fuster · 2824 days ago

I'm excited to let you in on a New Year’s resolution that my business partner, Doug, and I have been working on for the past two weeks. It’s the start of a new coaching program for Small Biz Break. Since our desire is to put together the best program for
Fuster · 2832 days ago

All entrepreneurs have a differentiating blend of strengths, experience, passions, and personal, professional and financial goals. And there are people that can benefit from the products and services resulting from your unique blend. However, are you tr
Fuster · 2834 days ago

      “If we all did the things we are really capable of doing, we would literally astound ourselves.” – Thomas Edison You are selling you short, solopreneur. How does it feel? Do you like the results you get from holding yourself back? Obviously, the
Fuster · 2840 days ago

    Business is about building relationships … relationships between you and your market. When you create your marketing campaigns and collateral, you’re trying to marry your business to your target market. If you’ve spent any time dating or reading the
Fuster · 2841 days ago

          As a solopreneur, you must be a master of time management. There isn’t anyone else on the team helping you with prioritization or shouldering some of the tasks for the day. It is solely up to you. Let me tell
Fuster · 2902 days ago

Starting a service-oriented, online business has many benefits. It requires little cash investment, there are a number of user-friendly tools you can use to build an online presence at little to no cost, and with some networking, you can connect with talen
Fuster · 2929 days ago

Feeling frustrated with Facebook? Have you picked up a nervous tick trying to figure out Twitter? Does LinkedIn leave you feeling like you’re not part of the in-crowd? What if we told you that you may be wasting your time treating symptom
Fuster · 2938 days ago

  When was the last time you ran across someone who was passionate about performing market research? It isn’t exactly the sexiest topic of conversation at a cocktail party. Don’t get us wrong, we aren’t anti-research, quite
Fuster · 2949 days ago

Ask most people what The American Dream is and they will usually answer, "Owning your own home". To many, the second American Dream would be being their own boss. To see if you share this dream, you need to ask yourself some tough questions so the dream
Fuster · 2959 days ago

    Ask salespeople what THE best tool they have for making successful sales and you will get a variety of answers. Some will go with technology and say it’s their favorite Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or Sales Force Autom
Fuster · 2981 days ago

      One of the best means for increasing business is to realize the power of perception. Reality generally has little to do with facts. Most people (i.e. your customers) often live in a reality of blending beliefs with perceptions
Fuster · 2987 days ago

     How often do you find yourself driving for hours and suddenly realize that you don’t know where you are going … or why you got in the car in the first place?   What if you realized that you were making this same
Fuster · 2993 days ago

    Have you ever seen the game show where a contestant steps inside a booth with dollar bills blowing around them and they have a limited amount of time to grab as much money as possible?   Let’s say that you are a contestant
Fuster · 2999 days ago

  Indirect competitors can be a silent killer or a new avenue to revenue during a down market. When you researched your market, how much time did you take to review your indirect competition?   An indirect competitor is a business that provi
Fuster · 3001 days ago

            People do business with people before they do business with companies. And in turn people leave people before they leave businesses. I am sure that you can think of many instances where you chose to go to
Fuster · 3006 days ago

  Starting and running a small business is a stressful experience. Some of us entrepreneurs get a positive charge from stress. In small doses, stress can keep us energized and motivated to achieving our goals. However, when those little doses
Fuster · 3012 days ago

Now that we live in a Web 2.0 world with new opportunities popping up daily to promote our businesses online, is their still a purpose for press releases? With Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Google Ads, blogs, article submission sites and a
Fuster · 3013 days ago
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