Fade to grey No one sees No one knows Would they even care? What am I doing? It hurts but I feel relief Nobody sees the pain inside of me Nobody wants to know Not really I disappear in front of their eyes But they’re too blind to notice Or perhaps th
Elle · 2285 days ago

Finding your purpose or rather the many purposes you will encounter in your life. For some it comes easily, for others not so. Whether you find it early or later on what matters is you finding that sometimes elusive purpose. Perhaps, sometimes we try too h
Elle · 2578 days ago

Did you know my new novel was coming out soon? Am I feeling nervous? What do you mean? I'm a nervous type person! I've been doing my best to ignore it. It worked while I was too ill to network. Now, I'm back, I can't hide any more. Read here, I'm not nervo
Elle · 2664 days ago

Would you join in the debate?   You write a book, give it a title and then comes the debate  between you and your publisher.  So, just for fun, which title would you prefer? Nowhere Left To Hide or Lost And Found In LA Next week, I'll tell you the s
Elle · 2738 days ago

Wow, love the new topic. Should prove very interesting. Words, I love them. They don't always come easy. They have so much power. For they can hurt you, cut you deep, very deep, leave scars no-one can see. But they can also heal you. Through words, I have
Elle · 2769 days ago

Ah, technology! Sometimes love it, sometimes hate it. Well, maybe not hate it, but... My editor (such a lovely man, no, really) suggested I changed the name on my Wordpress blog. 'You MUST put your name on it,' he said. 'You must...' blah, blah, blah Promo
Elle · 2781 days ago
On the go...my crazy life!
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