Why Occupy Me? Remember last weekend. I saw the picture and then the video and I began posting. I could not stay silent. "If you tolerate this..." sprang to mind. What kind of human being does this? Pepper spraying repeatedly students prostrated on the gro
Elle · 2615 days ago

You know me, anything turns into a song. I don't really feel like singing after having seen this video of police spraying students at a protest. So, yes, I know, I should be resting, blah blah... Sorry, I just had  to say my piece. What is this? Sadism? Ho
Elle · 2618 days ago

Understatement of the year The pleasures of French TV and DSK. Yep, he has his big moment on national television.   Anyway I'm back and I have a profile on Huffington Post UK. God knows what I do with it. It seems I already have friends and fans following
Elle · 2672 days ago

England, you make me want to weep. Yes, I'm crying. I've watched the news in horror. The violence spreading over the country. Now, it's Gloucester. Gloucestershire was once my home. A beautiful place, where I was happy to bring up my children. I still can'
Elle · 2720 days ago

Like many I woke up to the news of Bin Laden's death this morning. What did I think? I didn't feel any joy, rather I remembered all the victims of this hatred. I felt numb to begin with, then concern. Can I rejoice at the news of a human being's death? No
Elle · 2819 days ago
On the go...my crazy life!
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