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Okay, I was all ready, on this Meatless Monday, to blog in defense of Dr. Sue Johanson, who in her show,Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, in a segment called Hard to Swallow , tells a caller to tell her husband to "give up meat" to help improve the taste of his
AnaLewis · 2937 days ago

The Best Things on the Internet are Free -- April 2010 Edition: Academic Earth - Free online video courses from leading universities. - Internet Archive - This is really fun. See what different websites looked like
AnaLewis · 2941 days ago

Mr. Rogers swam daily and kept his weight at 143 pounds, because those are the numbers that align with the words "I love you". Gertrude Stein would sit in her parked car everyday and write poetry. President Barack Obama, starts every day at 6:45 am with a
AnaLewis · 2943 days ago

I found this post from a year and a half ago on my blog and thought I would share it here, since it still feels relevant and close to my heart. _____ So many times recently I have sat down to write, only to get my mind moving in a hundred different direc
AnaLewis · 2948 days ago

You have spent years growing and nurturing an opt-in email list and everyone you know is on Twitter and Facebook - does this make your email list obsolete? In a word, No. But it does mean that the rules are a-changin' and you will need to treat it differ
AnaLewis · 2949 days ago

I practice Kundalini Yoga everyday at about 5ish - 7ish in the morning. Two of my favorite teachers are Ana Brett and Ravi Singh who are kind enough to supply us with some super valuable information and some of the best DVDs for practicing at home. Below
AnaLewis · 2951 days ago

Yesterday I had a discussion with my husband about an article I read regarding eating right for hypothyroidism, which is something I have dealt with for about ten years. The article titled, "Is Your Thyroid Making You Fat?" , contains a list of goitrogens
AnaLewis · 2955 days ago

What has become a win-win situation between web design firms and businesses is being exercised in the latest redesign of the Acacia / Marketplace/ Tohono Chul Tea Room website(s). A situation of mutual respect for the design firm, Co-Op Web, the business,
AnaLewis · 2956 days ago

About five years ago, our family started celebrating Meatless Monday. None of us were vegetarians, none of us had heard of the campaigns started by Paul McCartney or John Hopkins University.  We only wanted to improve our diets and health. For the f
AnaLewis · 2958 days ago

Thank you for opening up your heart and letting me in to be a part of your healingThank you for listening to my fears, my tears, my pleading for you to get better.Thank you for approaching addiction and depression with an open mind and letting your family
AnaLewis · 2963 days ago

On the Co-Op Web site, we offer a lot of free information about how to build and utilize your business website. We believe in the free of the Internet, and as a result, I have compiled a long list of freebies available on the 'net. Today I refine this
AnaLewis · 2964 days ago

  CeeCee Honeycutt spent the first twelve years of her life taking care of her mentally-ill, has-been beauty queen mother, who spent her rollercoaster days in their small town, Ohio, streets adorned in goodwill prom dresses, red shoes and tiara with a fac
AnaLewis · 2970 days ago

Some people might have wanted me to have my head examined when I started an online community with Women on the Verge (WOTV).  But, I HAD to do it.  It represented too many things that I believe in - Women, Community, the Internet and Free. I
AnaLewis · 2971 days ago

Recently a dear friend of mine posed the question, if you could choose a superhero power, what would it be?  This simple question got me thinking of all of the super powers I would love to have. Think of these amazing powers: - Everywhere I wo
AnaLewis · 2978 days ago

As a wife, mother and previous lover of anything Elizabeth Gilbert, I am sad to  say that I am having tremendous difficulty getting through Gilbert's latest bestseller, Committed. I too, was very scared to enter my marriage, especially after having s
AnaLewis · 2983 days ago

                She was not afraid of DeathTalked about it like the weatherI want to die quickly and in my sleepShe made her requestAnd she did It was her heart thatkilled hergenerouspassionateactiveangrydramatictalentedheart Her generosity touch
AnaLewis · 2992 days ago

As a designer, I find it fun and inspirational to work on my clients' websites. I get excited by the possibilities, sometimes to the point of scaring them into hiding their coffee pots and other things that might add to my already high energy level. The
AnaLewis · 2998 days ago

Awakening Voice whispering to meThe quiet of dawnMy heart smilesLaughter swellsAnticipation of the dayStroke from my husbandYoga mat beckonsWarm breakfast Words on a pageCall from a childDog at my feetBrisk morning airRiding my passionThoughts for the da
AnaLewis · 3005 days ago

I just stopped.  That was it.  I had a mouthful of clam chowder in my mouth and I had to spit it out.  I had no desire to chew it, smell it, let alone swallow it.  So I didn't.  From that point on - no more flesh.  It was that
AnaLewis · 3012 days ago

Pushby Sapphire Made into the movie, Precious     "I big, I talk, I eats, I cooks, I laugh, watch TV, do what my muver say. But I can see when the picture comes back I don't exist." This is the voice of Precious, a 16 year old girl from H
AnaLewis · 3020 days ago

Last Year, I learned about an organization via Twitter called, Meatfree Monday.  Paul McCartney started it and his family and friends have done a wonderful job promoting it.  As a follower of both Stella McCartney and Yoko Ono, the message was re
AnaLewis · 3021 days ago

A Peace of Tata Asking our Tata to describe himself would result in humble words"I am a simple man, " he would say"Who is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other."The he would flash his little boy grin for being so clever Underground for over 40
AnaLewis · 3040 days ago

The realness of youNot the recurring fairy tale chronicled to your friendsNot the buoyant depiction a mother paintsNot the lights - the soaring details of your lifeNot the potential of who you could be The realness of youPain you orbit your life aboutBaby
AnaLewis · 3046 days ago

An Echo in the Boneby Diana Gabaldon The seventh book in the Outlander series, An Echo in the Bone, continues the 18th century story of Claire and Jamie. Claire Randall is a modern-day time traveler, who in previous volumes has traveled back and forth be
AnaLewis · 3047 days ago

But if I should stand my ground, If it's with you I choose to stay,Will you help me on this journey, not get lost along the way? If you don't know where you're going, and you have no place in mind,Then you're just living day to day, with whatever you may
AnaLewis · 3053 days ago

Alice at-Large Alice goes down the Rabbit hole to get away from Pain.She can smile, joke, frolic with her dogs and pretend it's all okay.She can tell the stories of how it used to be - before the stalker came.The big fish she caught, the games she saved, t
AnaLewis · 3059 days ago

Weathering the Storm       Powerless in this struggleI need to feel groundTime to think is what you ask forSo that answers will be foundFor now your heart cries Like a fountainThe past looks greenThe future a mountainThe impending guillo
AnaLewis · 3062 days ago

Did anyone see Cami Walker ont he Today Show this week? She was diagnosed with MS and followed a therapy given to her by her spiritual guide. Here's her story:I'm a writer, artist and healer who lives in Los Angeles, California. I worked in advertising fo
AnaLewis · 3097 days ago

Hello, As a local business owner and mother of 5, I would like to encourage you, your business and/or school to help spearhead the tremendous efforts of Meatless Monday. I am not affiliated with Meatless Monday, I am simply inspired by the phenomenal effo
AnaLewis · 3103 days ago

Did you hear about Tererai Trent, the woman who grew up in Zimbabwe, who was on Oprah last week?       She lived without running water and electricity and had no hope for her future. In hope of breaking the cycle of poverty, Tererai's mo
AnaLewis · 3108 days ago

Every Monday, for the past few years, my family and I have gone Meatless on Mondays. It was an easy tihng to do as a family and little did I know it would have such an impact on the ways that we would all eat in the future. As a result, I just kept going
AnaLewis · 3119 days ago

Accepting YourselfBy diane_petrella on Oct 01, 2009 12:00 PM in Dieting & You   By Diane
AnaLewis · 3123 days ago

Jhpiego Launches Global Initiative to Reduce Maternal Deaths $5 million commitment announced at Clinton Global Initiative's Annual Meeting BALTIMORE, Sept. 25 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- At t
AnaLewis · 3126 days ago

Today in History: On September 25, 1981, Sandra Day O'Connor was sworn in as the first female justice on the Supreme Court.  
AnaLewis · 3129 days ago

Please view the entire article here: Inspiration abounds in this list of the Top 50 Women in Business. Full List, Highest Paid, Youngest, Movers and Global listings.  
AnaLewis · 3130 days ago

I am so excited about the brand new section at Huffington Post called Women's Rights.  Some news is so big it needs it's own section!  Check it out:  ""
AnaLewis · 3131 days ago

Hi Everyone! We had a successful launch yesterday with over 17000 hits on the site, and over 100 followers on Twitter. And,  if you look at your own site's stats, you will begin to see traffic from the WOTV site to your site as a result. When we had
AnaLewis · 3137 days ago

EmpowHer is a unique online resource dedicated to helping women improve their health and well-being. We provide up-to-date medical information, access to leading medical experts and advocates, and a devoted community of women who ask questions, share stori
AnaLewis · 3138 days ago
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