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  My mother collected recipes like some people collect dolls or knick-knacks. I have volumes of handwritten recipes by her, organized in binders and according to the type of food represented. She had well-organized notebooks for Chinese, Greek, Italian a
AnaLewis · 2661 days ago

A dear yoga teacher of mine was recently diagnosed with ovarian cancer. She requested that her yoga family show up the night before her surgery and chant, pray and bless her in this journey.   I arrived amongst a room packed with yoginis. The energy was
AnaLewis · 2669 days ago

It was overwhelming. It took over my psyche in a way that I would not have anticipated. What was it? Lunch with a Co-Woman on the Verge. Jane Devin and I had planned our lunch at a vegan restaurant on a sunny day in Tucson, Arizona and it was so lovely
AnaLewis · 2670 days ago


Sometimes when we look for answers, we have to look to a higher power within ourselves.  My alter is my place of healing, praying and practice.  Please feel free to take a peek.  Building and utilizing an alter is a miraculous gift for yourself.  I highly
AnaLewis · 2678 days ago


It feels more than a little ironic to me that living in Tucson, Arizona and with the recent tragedy that occurred here (with our local Congresswoman being shot at along with 19 others), while our monthly topic in Women on the Verge is “Angry Woman Quiet Wo
AnaLewis · 2689 days ago

Thank you for visiting our community, Women on the Verge.  We are so pleased with its recent re-vamp for the new year, and we invite to you to check it out and join us. It's a fabulous global community and we are very excited about the upcoming year - whi
AnaLewis · 2689 days ago


Today I feel compelled to tell a little story about peace.   My brother and I were two of the most fortunate people in the world. We were raised by two parents who balanced each other in a way that demonstrated acceptance and love that we have been able
AnaLewis · 2695 days ago

  I conscientiously made a decision many years ago to be a quiet woman. Let my actions speak louder than my words. Mother Theresa is whom I admired and wanted to emulate. I hardly ever heard her speak, but she sure made a big impact on so many people
AnaLewis · 2701 days ago

After getting my FlipCam, I have been having some fun making videos of both clients and personal moments. The client Vlogs I have been sharing every month, howver, unless you follow me on Facebook, you have probably not seen my personal vlog posts, so I t
AnaLewis · 2705 days ago

Ballroom My husband and I have a secret - we take ballroom dance lessons. We pour ourselves a glass of wine and free of charge, go onto this website, play the videos and learn the steps demonstrated. So far, we have become pretty good at the
AnaLewis · 2772 days ago

  Desert Living and Water - What is Your Water Footprint?   Living in the Sonoran Desert, I am reminded every single day, how precious water is. It is dry here. So dry, that sometimes the ground is cracking in my garden, and on the skin on my
AnaLewis · 2779 days ago

Looking in my closet as a long-time vegetarian, I had a sad realization. I am a cave-woman. I have leather boots and shoes, a down comforter, wool coat, angora sweater, leather purses, even some leather hats... and that's just the beginning. What is w
AnaLewis · 2783 days ago

Recently my husband and I have been having an ongoing conversation. He thinks that vegans (people who aim to consume no animal-based products whatsoever, also called a pure or ethical vegetarians) are divisive and don't try to see opposing views to the ar
AnaLewis · 2790 days ago   "Read Twitter as a Daily Newspaper" is the tagline for this powerful little program, which organizes links shared on Twitter into an easy to read newspaper-style format. Newspapers can be created for any Twitter user, list or #h
AnaLewis · 2793 days ago

Women on the Verge (WOTV) is one year old. I say that one line and I am somewhat blown away. Not by how fast time flies, or that it seems like it was only yesterday. But, how, like when you have a baby – it seems like she was always here. What w
AnaLewis · 2808 days ago

Women on the Verge VLog Member - Marcia Reynolds  Her mission, her focus and her belief in community Check it out on YouTube:  
AnaLewis · 2828 days ago

Last month, I received an email from PETA asking if I would be willing to participate in their 30 Day Vegan challenge. Since I have been a vegetarian for 5 years, and have been thinking about going "all the way" and becoming vegan, I looked at this as an
AnaLewis · 2850 days ago

Welcome to our first Vlog! I thought I would take you on a little mini-tour of the office and my commute. No visit to the Co-Op Web office would be complete without an introduction to Cousteau, the most fabulous Newfie in the land.Please click on Couste
AnaLewis · 2856 days ago

The most beautiful girl in the world is not happy with the way she looks. She picks herself apart in the mirror every day. She's disgusted with what she sees as her flabby thighs, her too small breasts, her muffin top and her "pelican" nose. You look at
AnaLewis · 2858 days ago

    During the June Mothers on the Verge show, I asked WOTV member, Kadi Prescott about a vision board that she showcased during one of her tweets. She talked about how she got the idea from the book, The Secret and as I had already read the
AnaLewis · 2864 days ago

The Best Things on the Internet are Free - July Edition: Since 1994, we always believed the best part of the Internet is FREE.   TripIt - organizes your plans in a master travel itinerary that's easy to share and access. Everything is organized
AnaLewis · 2866 days ago

One of the problems I have had through the years in achieving goals, is brain clutter. I think that I am not alone. How do we get rid of the brain clutter and focus in order to reach the goals that are truly important to us? I read a recent article abou
AnaLewis · 2867 days ago

Many of my female friends have been with me for decades. They have lasted longer than any boyfriend, hairdresser or home I have lived in. We have endured births, marriages, divorces, graduations and for some - even becoming grandmothers. Some of my cur
AnaLewis · 2892 days ago

I recently read a story that described the work schedule of a small village in India. In this very old, thriving farm village they practice a very unique work schedule. Work for 3 hours, take a break for lunch and rest for 3 hours, then get back to work
AnaLewis · 2899 days ago

Thank you to our members: Kadi Prescott, Jessica Pieklo and Elle Sharpe for being a wonderful panel on MOTHERS ON THE VERGE, today on the Women on the Verge Radio Show.We laughed a lot, which shows me that being a mom and building a career or a business at
AnaLewis · 2907 days ago

Family - Heritage - Resolve These are the words used by Pamela Ferris-Olson in our panel discussion on the Minority Women in Leadership radio show. She used the words, family, heritage and resolve to express this as the common foundation for minority wom
AnaLewis · 2913 days ago

We had so much fun on the WOTV Radio Show.  Thank you to our member guests:  Dawn RiversBaker, Elianne Ramos and Pamela Ferris-Olson  for the wonderful discussion and vibrant time.  I had more fun than I imagined!Listen to the show: Wom
AnaLewis · 2914 days ago

When I first started in the Internet industry, in 1994, with the exception of the office receptionist, there were no other females in the office. I came in as the only person with design experience, as a clothing designer. I was surrounded by programmers
AnaLewis · 2920 days ago

My wardrobe was in need of a spring/summer refresher and there, on my online shopping screen was the most divine night gown I have ever seen. Spaghetti straps, body draping, soft, natural fibers and sexy as a whisper. I had to have it. It came to my doo
AnaLewis · 2922 days ago

Recently I watched a video of Oprah Winfrey talking to Geneen Roth, author of Women Food and God, regarding a time that Oprah forgot her loveliness. Oprah points to this gi-normous photo of the cover of O magazine showcasing her previously svelte, weight-
AnaLewis · 2923 days ago

Every morning we have a quote on the Twitter @womenontheverge and this morning'a quote was, "If you can't laugh about sex, you shouldn't be doing it." -- Sue Johanson Question of the Day:Do you know of a funny sex story that can be shared and make us laug
AnaLewis · 2927 days ago

Every morning we have a quote on the Twitter @womenontheverge and this morning'a quote, "Though I have no productive worth, I have a certain value as an indestructible quantity." -- Alice James Alice James (August 7, 1848 - March 6, 1892) - is best-known
AnaLewis · 2928 days ago

Recently on Facebook, I posted that I resisted getting a Kindle until recently because I thought I would be annoyed by reading a book on a screen, while, in fact, it is not bothering me one tiny bit. Not at all. I received several comments on the post, m
AnaLewis · 2929 days ago

My husband and I have a great relationship. We understand each other very well on almost every subject. We are politically alike, our core values are the same in regard to family, honesty and trust. We laugh a lot and we love a lot in our home. One th
AnaLewis · 2935 days ago

There's a contest for Bad Poetry going on at Chip MacGregor and here are my two entries.  I ahve tons o fbad poetry to choose from, so I chose two of my favorite baddies.  See what you think.  Bad enough to be a winner?  I guess we'll s
AnaLewis · 2941 days ago

The Best Things on the Internet are Free - May Edition:   - Popurls - (it rhymes with popular) brings us tons of information in one setting in up-to-the-moment headlines from the biggest and most popular news and opinion sites, blogs and vlogs onto
AnaLewis · 2942 days ago

Be still my heart! I just received notification that my pre-ordered copy of the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel is on its way! Yes, I am addicted to serial novels. Particularly those on the funny/sleazy/sci-fi/fantasy side. Pure Paperback Pleasure. Ind
AnaLewis · 2944 days ago

Dr. Aumatma (Binal) Shah went to Naturopathic school to be of service to mankind, and help us dhe does - for free.  She founded a medical facility named the Karma Clininc, where she provides all of her services free of charge.  Dr. Shah's belief
AnaLewis · 2947 days ago

Sisters and Brothers of the Internet, aka Netizens, it may seem strange to compare the World Wide Web to the spiritual concept of Oneness, meaning we are all connected as one, that we recognize the whole and we are all part of the whole - not separate fro
AnaLewis · 2949 days ago

Part 1 - the birth It was 1982 in a Seattle suburb, when I realized I needed to work. Our little family of three - dad, mom and baby boy led a simple, frugal, active life. Container gardening on our small patio, owing one car, walking to the grocery sto
AnaLewis · 2950 days ago

Morning greeted me with a little bit of overcast during my yoga practice. The sun worked hard to burn off the clouds and was rewarded with a grand entrance, giving me the inspiration to go out in the crisp air and harvest from my garden. The first crop
AnaLewis · 2955 days ago

In an attempt to make clearing the clutter from your website sound like more fun than pulling weeds, I have created this handy-dandy checklist with some free software to help you make your website the shining portrait of your business and a true reflection
AnaLewis · 2956 days ago

hummingbird's joy shines,in your golden locktiny, graceful feet,longing to dance hands that cooked gourmet meals,strong and supportive the scent of soap and incense, cling to your clothes a home filled with shining light,surrounds you spanish guitars a
AnaLewis · 2958 days ago

This is the second in a series of four articles celebrating Earth Day - April 22, 2010. It's a little bit challenging to show Mother Earth you love her while you work on your computer everyday, however there are numerous ways you can use your little energ
AnaLewis · 2963 days ago

he stereotypes are very telling - we're hippies, wimps, can't hold a job, wear funny looking clothes, ugly shoes, have pasty skin, are scary PETA activists, angry, wirey grey-haired, cultish and trying to push our animal loving religion down the throats of
AnaLewis · 2965 days ago

Today I went to the health food store and bought like a single person. All of the snack foods I crave, all of the body soaps I like, and even a vegan lunch that was new and adventurous for me. While the kale "sunshine salad" was a bit too onion-y for me,
AnaLewis · 2968 days ago

On April 22nd, our planet celebrates its 40th Earth Day. I am a strong proponent that it's the little changes that can help make big change in our businesses and ultimately our lives. Listed below are some small changes to make that can help save our en
AnaLewis · 2971 days ago
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