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    Domestic and sexual violence.   (Please be aware of triggers, if you become distressed please seek help)   This is my story, one of fear, despair and ultimately hope, healing and a passionate belief in change.   My sto
Ebby · 3208 days ago

This time last year, I wasn’t thinking about Social Media as a business tool.  It was completely personal and I didn’t even call it Social Media.  It was a little bit of blogging on MySpace, Facebook (for Social Gaming) and dabbling i
JessicaNorthey · 3210 days ago

Party Safely This Holiday Season While Christmas may be over, if you're anything like me, the holidays are still in full swing. There are after-Christmas sales to shop, half-price candy displays and plenty of New Year's festivities to keep you merry all m
AlisonDriscoll · 3213 days ago

In an environment where jobs are scarce and many people are working extra hours to make up for fewer resources, it might be more tempting than ever to ignore vacation time. However, "vacation deprivation," or "time poverty" carries significant health risks
DrDeb · 3215 days ago

A Peace of Tata Asking our Tata to describe himself would result in humble words"I am a simple man, " he would say"Who is blind in one eye and can't see out of the other."The he would flash his little boy grin for being so clever Underground for over 40
AnaLewis · 3222 days ago

The realness of youNot the recurring fairy tale chronicled to your friendsNot the buoyant depiction a mother paintsNot the lights - the soaring details of your lifeNot the potential of who you could be The realness of youPain you orbit your life aboutBaby
AnaLewis · 3228 days ago

An Echo in the Boneby Diana Gabaldon The seventh book in the Outlander series, An Echo in the Bone, continues the 18th century story of Claire and Jamie. Claire Randall is a modern-day time traveler, who in previous volumes has traveled back and forth be
AnaLewis · 3229 days ago

Hi there - this is Michael Sherman, co-founder of Courageous Loving - a company devoted to helping people answer the question: Who are my relationships calling me to become. I'd like to call your attention to a program we have partnered with - the Imago P
CourageousLover · 3230 days ago

But if I should stand my ground, If it's with you I choose to stay,Will you help me on this journey, not get lost along the way? If you don't know where you're going, and you have no place in mind,Then you're just living day to day, with whatever you may
AnaLewis · 3235 days ago

Multiple sclerosis is a complex condition that can involve dozens of symptoms. Because MS takes different forms and varies so greatly from person to person, even those of us who live with MS have trouble with the terminology. Understanding frequently u
AnnPietrangelo · 3236 days ago

Alice at-Large Alice goes down the Rabbit hole to get away from Pain.She can smile, joke, frolic with her dogs and pretend it's all okay.She can tell the stories of how it used to be - before the stalker came.The big fish she caught, the games she saved, t
AnaLewis · 3241 days ago

Weathering the Storm       Powerless in this struggleI need to feel groundTime to think is what you ask forSo that answers will be foundFor now your heart cries Like a fountainThe past looks greenThe future a mountainThe impending guillo
AnaLewis · 3244 days ago

Job descriptions seem to unquestioningly include the skill of multitasking as part of the basic foundation of a successful career, along with good communication skills and the ability to work as part of a team. Indeed, brief commercials such as the followi
DrDeb · 3244 days ago

John Clarke offered some good advice about how to take a quantum leap forward in life: "Go back a little to leap further."What might that mean?One interpretation is to take a step back from the daily rush to analyze what is working and what isn't working i
DrDeb · 3250 days ago

I’m all for making life simpler. What I notice though, is unawareness leads to complicating life and most folks suffer from their unawareness of the ONE THING SYNDROME. One example of this syndrome can be found in marketing and advertising. &nbsp
Karen-Monroy · 3257 days ago

Movies. Some are worth seeing twice. Some might even be worth seeing three times. Too many aren't worth seeing at all. Now me -- I like movies that tell a story I can believe. A story that says to me, "This is real," even when I know it isn't. A story so w
AnnPietrangelo · 3258 days ago

Hi Folks - join us for a wonderful teleclass this thursday night.  to register - go to www.freecourageousloving.com   Go to www.CourageousLovingNation.com and let your voice be heard.             
CourageousLover · 3264 days ago

As part of its Online Series on Health Reform, HealthReform.gov reports these disturbing facts about women's health care: * less than 50% of women can get employer-based health insurance and even when they work for an employee that offers coverage, one in
AnnPietrangelo · 3279 days ago

Hello, As a local business owner and mother of 5, I would like to encourage you, your business and/or school to help spearhead the tremendous efforts of Meatless Monday. I am not affiliated with Meatless Monday, I am simply inspired by the phenomenal effo
AnaLewis · 3285 days ago

  A client recently asked me how to she can enjoy waking up and going to work when she knows that as soon as she can, she is going to move on to something new. One of the most difficult parts of making a career move is to avoid feeling like a lame du
WanderWoman · 3288 days ago

When I was sixteen years old, I applied for an assembly line job at a local factory. It was literally just a few steps from my own front door, so the location was ideal. My older brother and sister had already done time on the line, so I had some idea what
AnnPietrangelo · 3292 days ago
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