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Hand and hand they walked the tor, Clouds above the wind did soar. Laughing over tales of yore, Friends forever walked the shore.   Amazing journey they had, More life ahead so be glad. Laughter over lack of rad, What matters the latest fad?
Marta · 2841 days ago

  The Contest Why do I loathe contests so? According to the dictionary… Con, to persuade or swindle or Con, that which opposes, a body of evidence or Con, a convict. Is it the competition? Test, a critical examination or evaluation of the quali
Robbie · 2841 days ago

  Chasing the sunset to the ends of the earth Inhaling the cold in all of its girth The canyon is big, in fact it is grand But my thoughts are more urgent – can you please warm my hand? The deer were quite neighborly as we shivered on by Midnight snac
AnaLewis · 2842 days ago

 Old pictures.  There is nothing quite like the nostalgia, or the horror, of childhood family photos.  Usually an episode of laughing until you have tears rolling down your face is involved in this visual trip down memory lane.   An indignant mother is too
JennyleefromTN · 2847 days ago

Many years ago, I was a young mother-to-be living in Seattle, Washington. I knew no one except for my then husband, mother-in-law and my obstetrician. I would faithfully go to the library once a week, on my daily walks and it was there that I found a
AnaLewis · 2870 days ago

My fingers fumbled a bit to type that phrase.  I don't think of myself as a heroine.  My cape often is wrinkled and choking my neck, just a bit, from "saving the day".  My Wonder Woman bracelet that encircles my life is the permission I have given myself t
JennyleefromTN · 2873 days ago

Hi I'm not sure how many of you will actually see this post, but I thought I would give it a go, as I've been reading the recent blogs on WOTV and am inspired by the posts on Healing: Woman to Woman. I just started working with a non-profit organisation in
Jossy · 2896 days ago

I had been giving considerable thought to the Madonna/Whore Archetype, the first splitting of the female self post Eve.  Ana (fabulous founder of Women on the Verge) asked me for an idea on a theme for January, naturally I suggested the modern
Karen-Monroy · 2929 days ago

Why on earth do I feel compelled to react to this? I'm talking about the book review about abusive relationships.   To claim the main reason women stay in an abusive relationship is mainly out of fear of loneliness is in my eyes a very weak argumen
Elle · 3183 days ago

  LYSISTRATA: There are a lot of things about us women That sadden me, considering how men see us as rascals. CALONICE: As indeed we are!One of my favorite tales of women as peacemakers is the Greek play, Lysistrata, written by Aristophanes.It was o
AnaLewis · 2206 days ago

  I was born a dreamer, believing that we could be more. I believed and still do in a kinder gentler world. In a place where people are raised to be thoughtful of each other and to see how their actions might affect the other person. Call me naive if you
Marta · 2510 days ago

Winter brings its own kind of life, The Yeti screams in pure delight. Mountains talk and glaciers walk, Hunter’s prowl and the wolves’ growl. The hawks fly and the eagles soar, The woods are dark and terror reigns. Across the plains
Marta · 2552 days ago

So, this month/year our topic is Women Changing The World -- and we do, don't we?   My very first thought was this factoid: in economic development circles it is well known that, if you give business development assistance to a man, he will improve his lot
DawnRRivers · 2567 days ago

Amazing. I write about sex all the time--well the consequences of sex on women's lives, both positive and negative, consensual and coerced, but actually writing about sex well, that's proven to be a different thing altogether.For starters, it has made me r
Hegemommy · 2652 days ago

It's pink ribbon time again. That time of year when we're bombarded with all things pink to bring attention to breast cancer, it's causes, treatment, and funding for research.   There's a lot of talk about "boobies" and "ta-tas," but there's a whole lot mo
AnnPietrangelo · 2657 days ago

I am honored to introduce one of my favorite women. Ana Lewis, the founder of Women on the Verge.Ana is an inspiration to women everywhere, bringing women together to help and support each other. Her love, joy of life and care for all those she touche
Marta · 2683 days ago

I think about the brave things women do, from not faking an orgasm to trying to work and raise children. I think about the day-in, day-out, mind-numbing tasks we perform and how happy and content women can be regardless of how numb the mind becomes at ti
Karen-Monroy · 2715 days ago

  The Fab Five was the nickname for a 1991 University of Michigan men's basketball team recruitment class that is considered by some to be "the greatest class ever recruited”.    I have my own Fab Five, and they don’t dribble a ball.   Eleanor Roosevelt, C
JennyleefromTN · 2719 days ago

  Innocence can be an excellent companion when you’re an impressionable adolescent, even if you’re too young to realize it at the time. It was another hot summer evening, and my best friend Penny and I had spent most of the day playing at my house in the
Dancer · 2729 days ago

  At 93 Therrell Camille Smith keeps everyone on their toes. She’s still teaching ballet in a school she established 60 plus years ago in her hometown of Washington D.C. Read more about this amazing woman on my blog Living in the Heartland.
IntheHeartland · 2742 days ago

I've particapated in silent retreats. I ready myself for them, remind myself of the natural urges to speak I have to be mindful of. In the end, I am forever learning about the noise in my own head and the constant stream of thinking.   This months theme--
Karen-Monroy · 2750 days ago
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