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  There once was a Woman on the Verge Whose dreams were so bright, they did surge Untethered by rules Her friends were her jewels And together, their hopes would emerge   The Woman on the Verge was named Hope For president she ran, then for pope Her heart
AnaLewis · 2829 days ago

  I was having the most difficult time thinking of myself as a heroine of any kind. I think that if I consider myself to be that for someone, then just by that association it is automatically mutual. In my road travels for my Beauty & Wisdom project I
Robbie · 2876 days ago

Universities in the "Show-Me" state of Missouri seem to like studying blogs and the characters of those who write them.  Last year, the Missouri State University in Springfield asked me to participate in a student study on media ethics and the "Wild West"
janedevin · 2912 days ago

A lot of my own assumptions and judgments have been called out since I ran into a former colleague. I'm still trying to process.   I used to work in an "urban minority community center" alternative clinic, and will stay generic with names and all that good
Scritch · 2914 days ago

Today I feel compelled to tell a little story about peace.   My brother and I were two of the most fortunate people in the world. We were raised by two parents who balanced each other in a way that demonstrated acceptance and love that we have been able
AnaLewis · 2930 days ago

This is a house that loves summer.  Between soccer games, farm share pick ups, and trips down the street to the lake, there's a lot to love.  It's also a time where we try to slow things down a bit and really soak up our time together, since t
Hegemommy · 3132 days ago

    In Part one of Sex, Money and Relationships, (Part one can be read here:http://bit.ly/bv9YUz) I laid the foundation of duality, and suggested the needs of the body hooked us, thereby tethering us to one side of the duality. I suggested l
Karen-Monroy · 3261 days ago

  At the beginning of every month, I make a commitment to myself to fully be in every topic. This has proven to be quite beneficial to me, in my growth. With that endeavor in mind, I chose to focus at the beginning of this month, while our topic is “Real
AnaLewis · 2652 days ago

  On The Verge— I don’t know what life is like NOT being on the verge. On the verge is my home. Comfortably uncomfortable. I can’t say at what point I realized that anything worthwhile would require me being on the verge. On the verge of crazy, on the ver
Karen-Monroy · 2686 days ago

Do you know what is so cool about this subject and the impetus (thank you Ana) to write about it? It's that when I think of women leaders I am thinking about women I actually know... not women in the news or in Times Magazine... women that I speak with and
Robbie · 2720 days ago

“Congress on both sides of the aisle must remember they were hired to work for the people and country of the United States. Whether I voted for you or not, YOU WERE HIRED TO REPRESENT ME TOO.There are too many people playing the system, but there are also
Marta · 2724 days ago

I have been listening to the words spoken to me and others throughout my life. I am both blessed and cursed with the ability to remember clearly the way things happened or were. Many times I have wished to forget a particular incident, yet no matter how
Marta · 2727 days ago

Written in three distinct voices—child, teen and adult—Jane Devin takes readers on an intimate, imaginative and often harrowing life journey. Born unwanted and raised without love, the child-author invents a rich inner life to see her through years of trau
janedevin · 2729 days ago

When my brother at age 26 was brutally murdered during a random road rage attack there wasn't much anybody could say to make me feel better.  Here is an excert from my book "BRISTOL bOYZ STOMP" [November 2011] When I was alone, I remembered what people sa
doreenb8 · 2742 days ago

  We use words so freely, we forget they are a reflection of our state of being. If only every word could come from our most holy self. If only we knew their power. If only we saw the blessings or curses they become as they roll off our tongues. Like s
Karen-Monroy · 2742 days ago

You would think that as a feminist I'd have plenty to say about this month's topic of "healing between genders."  Surely I am stocked full of examples of gender essentialism gone wrong, or exercises that help build understanding and community between the s
Hegemommy · 2773 days ago

I'm probably not in the best place to be writing about healing between the genders. That was my first thought when I started out to ponder this month's Women on the Verge theme. I'm just about six months out from finalizing my divorce. At this point, I'm s
DawnRRivers · 2775 days ago

The phrase "Healing Between the Genders" brings to mind that old song, do you remember it? "If You Don't Know Me By Now" by Harold Melvin and the Blue Notes (later recorded by Simply Red). It's a beautiful melody. The lyric goes: "if you don't know me by n
laineyd7 · 2783 days ago

I  believe that the higher the consciousness about gender and people differences, the faster this collective healing, already in effect, will progress.  And I know I always come back to this... but... self-love and self acceptance is a great place to start
Robbie · 2784 days ago

  I was recently asked what I consider to be my greatest accomplishment and without hesitation I said, “Being a mother.” I don't think that I am the best mother, but I do think that I deeply, deeply love my children and step-children and it shows. They k
AnaLewis · 2805 days ago

My Dearest Edgar, I've read your post of yesterday, More times than I can count or say. I cannot seem to speak or hear, Except your words within my ear.   What do you mean by nevermore? My heart, my soul that I adore? Where is my love of latter-day, Who sp
Marta · 2840 days ago
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