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How good of a receiver are you? One of life's gifts is the pleasure senses of the body. But what do you do with these gifts? Have you ever made the connection between being a good receiver and experiencing  the Divine Union taught in the Kama Sutra? Mo
Karen-Monroy · 2652 days ago

Sure you know about sex. But have you ever really asked, “What is sex for?” Pleasure (or potential pleasure) might be the obvious answer. Procreation might be another. But if you sit with this question a bit longer, you’ll notice there's more to sex than
Karen-Monroy · 2658 days ago

  At the age of 61, I’m on the verge of a new career as a novelist. Why did it take me decades to get to the “place” where I could write for publication? Though I reached adulthood during the second wave of feminism—the "Women's Liberation" movement of t
Linda_CL · 2693 days ago

  When I think about women who are leaders, I cannot help but think of those who are famous and get lots of attention for their works. Since they do not need any focus, I like to remember the living and breathing women whom the public does not know, and ma
bookmark_terry · 2718 days ago

  Housewives, what a misnomer. Women aren't married to their house. The definition of a housewife is, “A married woman whose main occupation is caring for her family, managing household affairs, and doing housework “. Um, sounds thrilling doesn't it? H
AnaLewis · 2791 days ago

My mother died when I was a teenager. Many years have passed but I'm still learning about her, not from family or friends. When she married my father she distanced herself from the only friend she had and there is no family. My mother is still a mystery to
Elle · 2815 days ago

    The Stain There once was a stain on the bed Mysterious, untrustworthy and dead We poked and we prodded We questioned and plotted Our findings, they filled us with dread We turned on the light Examined our plight Oh damn, we wished it was red Ana Lewis
AnaLewis · 2841 days ago

Craigworth Dimpleton was his name, Our little gray squirrel had his fame. When out with the girls he would go, Downtown where the beer nuts flow.   On a leash so he would not run, Cute and friendly he was such fun. Men would flock, drinks and beer nuts flo
Marta · 2843 days ago

Yesterday, Today, and Beyond Some days it seems like yesterday that I defined myself as my mother’s friend and caregiver. I worked 50 hours a week at whatever job I could find. Sometimes two or three were needed in rough economies, when full time jobs were
Marta · 2873 days ago

I heard a great story on NPR's Talk of the Nation about the storytelling skill of Ernest Hemingway. When asked if he could write a story in six words, he came back to his challenger the next day with these lines , "For sale. Baby shoes. Never worn." Althou
WanderWoman · 3380 days ago

This is the last time I will tell this story.   I need my mother’s love.   I knew this all of my life and It is still true today.   I need my mother’s love.   She was beautiful and I would have told her so if I wasn’t so afraid she’d hit me.   I need my mo
bookmark_terry · 2444 days ago

  January 2, 2012Dear _______________ organization,   I have supported you physically, mentally, emotionally and financially for years. I believe in what you are aiming to do and your mission.   This letter is to ask you to please remove me from your mai
AnaLewis · 2570 days ago

  Everyday is a new day in my mind. Everyday I ask God, “What shall I do today to fulfill my purpose?”   I was never one of those fortunate people who woke one morning at the age of 8 and knew that they were meant to be a healer or sing, write or express
AnaLewis · 2602 days ago

  When discussing the concept of giving and receiving, my mind automatically goes to giving. I am comfortable giving. I hand make gifts at this time every year for family – I have a running list of things I want to make, carefully designed for each perso
AnaLewis · 2632 days ago

I am thinking today of some forgotten women. It is because of my ‘day’ job that I am thinking of these women, who at one time in history were good wives, daughters, sisters and friends to someone. Some of them have blazed the path for all of us, and becam
doreenb8 · 2711 days ago

I spent a very long time not posting in my personal blog, when this month's topic came about, The Power of Words, and I realized, hey!  I have a lot of words inside of me that I would like to share.  What about the things I am doing in yoga (some very cool
AnaLewis · 2738 days ago

  The last couple of weeks have been full of numerous personal issues. I have nursed my furbaby Chrome through a bad bout of colic, my dear friend and neighbor Bev, who is 85 underwent spinal surgery, my cousin passed away and I comforted my dear aunt Pam.
Marta · 2740 days ago

I grew up saying the Lord’s Prayer after being chased up the stairs by a bear.   My sisters and I would be breathless and laughing as my Dad kneeled beside our bed and recited this nightly ritual with us.   My childhood memories of my father were of occasi
JennyleefromTN · 2779 days ago

Things I Have Learned from My Three Sons: My sons are seventeen, nearly sixteen (so important, you know, the driver’s license)  and a turning thirteen son on June 1st!  Three teen boys under one roof.   Here’s some things I have learned over the years: 1.
JennyleefromTN · 2786 days ago

You could have rivaled Betty Grable With the beauty of your legs, Elizabeth Taylor with your eyes And still come out the winner.   I knew a beautiful lady,   You gave birth to and raised nine children, Worked three jobs, struggled and scrapped Then you wou
Marta · 2810 days ago

She was not afraid of DeathTalked about it like the weatherI want to die quickly and in my sleepShe made her requestAnd she did It was her heart thatkilled hergenerouspassionateactiveangrydramatictalentedheart Her generosity touched so manyWatched the news
AnaLewis · 2815 days ago
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