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Sometimes I feel like the quiet angry woman and sometimes I feel like the angry quiet woman.  It's a balance... learning when to roar and learning when to whisper.  Sometimes I get it "right" and other times I just don't.  This topic comes a
Robbie · 2937 days ago

  I stood at the doorway of my oldest child's bedroom on his first birthday and grinned. You could not tell from his bedroom what gender he was. The colors were neutral, bright and bold and chosen for their psychological good – yellow for remembering and
AnaLewis · 2776 days ago

  One summer afternoon in Tucson, my CASA girl and I were driving around in Big Ugly, and she was enjoying a little channel surfing on my car's XM radio.  She hooted and cheered when she figured out that if you turn the channel to 5 – you get music of the
AnaLewis · 2759 days ago

It was overwhelming. It took over my psyche in a way that I would not have anticipated. What was it? Lunch with a Co-Woman on the Verge. Jane Devin and I had planned our lunch at a vegan restaurant on a sunny day in Tucson, Arizona and it was so lovely
AnaLewis · 2909 days ago

One of the themes in Saving CeeCee Honeycutt is the impact that friendship (or it’s absence) can have on our lives. True friends see our goodness and flaws, strengths and weaknesses, and they love us for who we are rather than in spite of what we might
Queenie · 2725 days ago

  Lately one of my favorite mottoes has been, “Be the person you want to become - now.” A lot times lately, when I am doing something, I stop and think, is this the person I imagine myself being in one, five, ten years from now? If not, time to step bac
AnaLewis · 2728 days ago

Editorial note: I decided to tackle this month's theme, Healing Between Genders, from a few viewpoints: marriage, general social and of course, spiritual. In a dying relationship, I know I'll always see two things: apathy and lack of respect. I call them L
Karen-Monroy · 2784 days ago

  Would you consider writing if your only goal was to place the finished work in a drawer when the writing is complete? A chiropractor friend recently lamented, “No matter how good I am at being a chiropractor, I still need to market my services.” I w
Karen-Monroy · 2789 days ago

Healing Between the Genders Recently I saw an old episode of “What Would You Do”, titled “Man Drops Powder in Date's Drink”. and was more than a little disturbed. The episode showed actors being portrayed as a young attractive couple who met on the Inte
AnaLewis · 2789 days ago

    dreaming of true sisterhood women sharing talk about it to those who care women on the verge   no reason to feel alone hands reach out oceans apart sisters of the heart women on the verge   listen closely and you will hear kindness support laughter a
AnaLewis · 2697 days ago

There have been two things that were my refuge for most of life. From age 16 my refuge consisted of words and music.  I wrote my first song then, and it was as if I took a trip to that proverbial island, where I could be who I am and not care about anythin
Robbie · 2742 days ago

  Unlearning—this is the major premise of every spiritual and religious path. And most of what we need to do to be happy and balanced and live an authentic life requires unlearning what society taught us. Society, in general, is crazy. You are not
Karen-Monroy · 2777 days ago

Last July I hit a bump in the freeway of life. My mammogram revealed lumps, small but needing a biopsy. Test conclusions: I needed to have two lumps removed, one from each breast.  The surgeon said, “Wow you are lucky, easy to get to the lumps and no signs
Karen-Monroy · 2880 days ago

  She first got in my car with her headset on and a book in her hand. No way was she going to allow me to connect with her. No way was she going to let me in. Then I asked her to pop her music on in my car so we could both hear it – and she lit up. Fr
AnaLewis · 2881 days ago

  Why is it so easy to look at the people around me and so easily see their super power, while at the same time, I am challenged to see my own?   No matter how many times someone tells me that I am wonderful, I have this little voice of doubt rise up insid
AnaLewis · 2454 days ago

  "Shawls ... made for centuries universal and embracing, symbolic of an inclusive, unconditionally loving, God. They wrap, enfold, comfort, cover, give solace, mother, hug, shelter and beautify. Those who have received these shawls have been up
AnaLewis · 2542 days ago

    The word vagina is derived from Latin and technically means “sheath for a sword.” In this case, I am guessing the sword is a penis.     Is our thinking still antiquated? Is our vagina truly ours? Is our female sexuality seen predominantly in terms
AnaLewis · 2668 days ago

It seems I have spent a lifetime thinking and working on this blog, even though it has only been about ten days. It has been harder for me in some ways than “Mothers.” I have written and rewritten it. I am at a loss in many ways on the difference between
Marta · 2778 days ago

  Big Ugly and Me   He's a heavy drinker And carries a belly A family man Even has his own telly   He's luxuriously soft And bountifully tasteful Yet his habits – are awful And that makes him wasteful   He's a source of trouble You can't help it, it's true
AnaLewis · 2826 days ago

"Got to pay your dues if you wanna play the blues, and you know it don't come easy." - George Harrison "Meanwhile, back on my suicide farm, I'm reading about Snooki's book deal." - Suzy Soro, Comedian             &nbs
janedevin · 2938 days ago

I'm really not a good writer.  It's so hard for me to find the right words to describe how I really feel or if the readers will fully understand what I'm trying to relay.  Please bear with me.. I'll try my best to make this very simple and brief.
Bing · 3210 days ago
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