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So the day after the catcalling, and that phone call. Apparently I should be flattered? Sigh And the phone call? You want to talk to me like I'm an idiot because I'm a woman? What gives you that right? Sad dude, get a life. You had no idea who I was, but q
Elle · 1388 days ago

Love this! A café in Cheltenham, Gloucetershire (UK) offers a break to breastfeeding mothers. A positive story offering a smile when all you seem to hear is negative reactions to breastfeeding. A reminder also that it is illegal to discriminate against bre
Elle · 1436 days ago

Remember the laughs? The good times, the bad times Thrown together  A friend of a friend Somehow we stuck together I couldn't understand the jibes I still can't Prejudice and ignorance They made you feel ashamed You didn't want to be you It still pains m
Elle · 1437 days ago

I see the odd look, I hear the odd whisper. What is it to you?  It's not your hair. Why do you care? Cut it to conform? Conform to what? To appease your pre-conceived ideas. I don't think so. There was a time when I would have cared. I might have had doubt
Elle · 1443 days ago

One word? Yes, just one word. Come on, we all know it, only some of us really struggle with that one little word. Have you guessed yet? That little pesky word, no. So short, yet so troublesome. OK, so I'm not very good at saying no. I have had to practice,
Elle · 1782 days ago

Private life, public life, striking the balance? Simply your life week. Well, this is what I've been doing for a while. I think. OK, OK, I'm still working on it. It's not easy, but I'm trying. Trouble is there's always too much to do, and it's hard to let
Elle · 1784 days ago

  Much was said today following the announcement of the death of Margaret Thatcher. Some said she didn't have an ounce of humanity. Clearly the ones who talked about dancing on her grave have plenty of this humanity they're talking about. Indeed crass comm
Elle · 1901 days ago

Rape, a word and despicable act every woman should stand against. There is no excuse for it. None. So, how can some women betray others by laughing about it, finding "excuses" for the rapists, and even blame the victims. If the victim was their sister, mot
Elle · 1967 days ago

  This is not a war!   It's never a good idea to throw people in the same boat just because they have one thing, or even more in common. Sweeping judgments like these bring disaster and more hatred. Attacking other groups in the name of defending your own
Elle · 1978 days ago

Switch on your laptop, read the papers, listen to the radio, connect onto social media, and what do you see? The world in all its misery. I'm optimistic by nature, it's probably saved me many times. I have to believe, find the strength somewhere. Still, y
Elle · 1985 days ago

Express yourself   Meet your new friends, all over the web Pick your network, or use them all   Women everywhere find a new voice, New friendships are forged.   Shy or extrovert, it doesn’t matter You’ve got something to say.   Whatever your interests, Lik
Elle · 1996 days ago

The end of the world as we know it I'd meant to write this post sooner, but here goes. What would you do if it was the end of the world? Me, I'd hold on to my dear ones. The end of the world, much written about, much talked about, and much fantasised. Not
Elle · 2002 days ago

What do you do when you're burnt out and not all that well? After a very busy year writing and churning out a few more books I needed a break. Yes, we do travel a lot, but this was just for sheer enjoyment and peace. Unexpectedly I found myself in one of
Elle · 2011 days ago

Wishing all my friends a happy Thanksgiving! Hope you all have a great time. I'm grateful for being on the verge, grateful for all those little and not so little acts of kindness. I'm grateful for being alive and for being where I am today, for my gorgeous
Elle · 2038 days ago

Warm, kind, fun and generous. What's not to like? Oh, but he's different. What's wrong with that? ❧❧❧   Keep it up!
Elle · 2041 days ago

  Figures show that up to a third of sixth-form girls had been touched inappropriately by boys in their school. And the case of the wo
Elle · 2044 days ago

Often I read the news and feel angry, or sick. How could you not be after reading this: I abhor the idea of abortion, or termination in this case. But I'm not foolish enough not t
Elle · 2046 days ago

For the last few weeks I have struggled watching or reading the news. This scandal is brewing and raging on, one of the worst, if not the worst, Britain has known. Where will it end? Who knows, with talk of several other celebrities and politicians involve
Elle · 2052 days ago

I wrote a little piece for fun yesterday which I posted on my blog. Do celebrities think they can really buy everything? Makes you wonder. Would I want to cash in on my baby's name? What do you think? Do they really need more money? Take a look. Warning! B
Elle · 2067 days ago

Fade to grey No one sees No one knows Would they even care? What am I doing? It hurts but I feel relief Nobody sees the pain inside of me Nobody wants to know Not really I disappear in front of their eyes But they’re too blind to notice Or perhaps th
Elle · 2074 days ago

Dear body of mine, Haven't you and I struggled? We became enemies. I know it's not your fault, you just grew, did what you were supposed to do. But boy, did I hate those looks, the old perverts who wanted a slice of you. They made me feel dirty, I wanted t
Elle · 2078 days ago
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