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Sometimes you just need to rant at yourself!
03.12.2011 (1239 days ago)
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You, I & Us Are the Purpose

I started this blog at least 3X & then walked away because it temporarily (albeit that's debatable) muddled my brain as to whether there really is a purpose in life, period.  We have dreams, goals & even remember a time, way back, when people developed 5 yr. & 10 yr. plans, both on a personal & business level. These goals, dreams, etc. don't necessarily fall short of a purpose but they don't seem to complete one either.

I believe we do have a purpose & it exists on a higher plane.  Our purpose is to create knowledge. We do this by learning ourselves & then passing it on to our children, family, friends.  We do it by challenging what is known & thereby creating & ensuring a continuing cycle of evolution or revolution.  We do it by creating words, pictures, opinions that others read, learn, think about, challenge, pass on, etc.   Our 'individual knowledge collective' is alive & thriving all around us, constantly changing, evolving.  Our ability to be heard, to be understood, to be accepted & to be believed is our purpose.  Because each of us has not only the capacity but the ability to create knowledge.  Even a comment, left on a blog, leaves the footprint of our minds.

From that higher plane, each of draws down something that makes us laugh, inspires us, angers us, etc. & those become the purposes we hold in our hearts & souls.  They don't have to be grand, elaborate, etc. nor do they need to have a clear beginning or a definitive end.  WOTV is Ana's purpose, it is now every member's purpose & it will continue to be a living, breathing thing...the 'individual knowledge collective'. You can create your own definition of what a purpose is but I know this, it is not a 'to do list' item.  It's not a task, it's a reaction.

To create each day a piece of knowledge, whether physical or spiritual, spoken or written, drawn or composed, that contributes not only to your own heart & soul but to others, that is a purpose.  How & when you do it is up to you but somewhere out there is probably a clue, left by someone with a purpose.

Heidi · 1239 days ago
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  •  Marta: 
    Ah Heidi, my sentiments exactly and so beautifully put. Thank you
     1238 days ago 
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You, I & Us Are the Purpose