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Words on the Go

I've particapated in silent retreats. I ready myself for them, remind myself of the natural urges to speak I have to be mindful of. In the end, I am forever learning about the noise in my own head and the constant stream of thinking.


This months theme--The Power of Words-- has been a sister experience to the silent retreat. I started with a trip to Nova Scotia and Maine. Remote places don't always have the technology I need (satlite iphone is on my christmas list!) so the lack of communication was unwelcome.

Every now an then I get a signal. I realize in the blink of an eye, I need to dial quick and say what I wanted to say (or send a text at the very least) as the signal may fade a quickly as it has come.

A week of uncertian technology has me noticing how many words I would use when just a few would do. I am pairing down the words to be certian they convey the meaning I intend.

Yes I want you to do X. Yes I'm thankful you are doing the job I am paying you to do (when did I start speaking as if a favor was being done?)

My husband is a texting hound dog. I havn't had his texts following me everywhere I go-mostly inturrupting, my chosen activity.Humm.

We've all had our moments of connecting to the power of words....which usually puts the focus on what words we use to align with our intention.

Should I, do I, need any words at all? How many words will do? Think about how often we add meaning softeners, qualifiers to our words like filtration systems on water.

That's what I'm thinking about


I suspect when I return home I'll have many more words on the subject.


From the Road

Karen-Monroy · 2511 days ago
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  •  Robbie: 
    Ah, I love this... editing life, editing words... keeping the sacred and meaningful! I have been the queen of too many words which often leads to too many thoughts. Grasshopper
     2499 days ago 
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  •  JennyleefromTN: 
    You are a zen sage, a wise super star. I love reading your posts. It's like the arm of a good friend around your shoulders, guiding you to sit on the porch a spell and just appreciate what is. Lightning bugs on a summer's night goodness!
     2504 days ago 
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  •  bookmark_terry: 
    Karen, I sometimes find it hard to sit with my constant stream of thoughts too. One thing I love about getting older though is remembering this: "If you don't know what to do about something, do nothing."
     2508 days ago 
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  •  Karen-Monroy: 
    LOL...I'm editing for the typo's!! can't talk on the run from an Iphone! Love and Hugs Ana!
     2508 days ago 
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    What a beautiful spirit you are to reach out to us. Your words mean so much. Big hug to you, Karen.
     2509 days ago 
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Words on the Go