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Woman = Hero

I think about the brave things women do, from not faking an orgasm to trying to work and raise children.

I think about the day-in, day-out, mind-numbing tasks we perform and how happy and content women can be regardless of how numb the mind becomes at times.

I think about how we work, most of us trying to morph ourselves into "not feminine" with ugly suits that hide our curves. I think about how women have become disconnected from their power by trying to be like men.

I think about the way we love, sometimes too much. How we love even when it hurts. How we just Love.

I think about the way we fight—more for others than for ourselves.

I think about the negative messages that bombard us: Your ass is too big. Your skin is not luminous enough. You need to be better. You are not enough!

I think about the ways we can center ourselves, find our clans, make our own tribes, and support one another.

I think about how we evolve within our own lives, reinventing ourselves every seven or eight years—and within our communities, always shining our light.

I think about how we can connect to the Universe, syncing up in ways mysterious to men, but requiring no explanation with other women.

I think about the ability we have to be gracious in the face of struggles.

I think about how powerful our emotions are—and how we embrace them, not agreeing we are "less than" for having them.

The more I think about women, the more I think about goddesses. Each of us is a goddess—or goddess in the making—in our own way. Goddesses don’t need heroes. They are heroes.

You can’t separate the wet from the water any more than you can separate hero from Woman. It’s just how it is, the way the Universe works.

Years ago, I began creating an empty space—a void that allowed the men of my household to experience what home was like without female energy. I went away for a day or two, enjoyed my retreat, and left the guys to hang.

My husband especially began expressing a deeper appreciation for the womanly gifts I brought to the family. I’ve always thought it would be a good idea for all the women on our planet to take a day or two—a timeout. No men. And let the men in our lives experience the void.

Let them rethink how we love—always.

Let them reconsider our gifts—unique.

Let them see the Goddess.

How heroic would that be?

Karen-Monroy · 2444 days ago
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  •  JennyleefromTN: 
    Please just come and live at my house and be my spiritual guru. Your words are like those famed apples of gold. Covered in dark chocolate goodness. Seems goddess enough to me. Thanks Karen.
     2415 days ago 
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  •  doreenb8: 
    I just told my five-year-old granddaughter that we were the real hero's of the world and we are Goddesses; she said for real, Mom-Mom and I said yes. She told her eight year old sister she was still stuck being a princess.
    But seriously, Karen your words always leave me feeling empowered. Thank you.
     2439 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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  •  Robbie: 
    Well Hera, come to think of it, we ARE Goddesses...Thank you for writing this POW-Her-Full piece! Love, Artemis
     2444 days ago·1 replies1 replies 
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Woman = Hero