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Sometimes you just need to rant at yourself!
24.01.2012 (1183 days ago)
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A wish of courage to help you once again light the fire that warms your spirit & grows your heart.

A wish of laughter to bring out the lighter side of the day and let whatever shadows within you part.

A wish of love to envelop you as you move throughout each day easing the pain of a present doubt.

A wish of strength to find out what matters the most, truths that need you the most in order to spout.

A wish of peace to help you find the answers to questions that rise to the surface during the night.

A wish of acceptance of flaws you feel are greater than the sum of your parts, flawlessly alright.

A wish of hope when all seems lost, emptiness seems to swallow you during every waking hour.

A wish of patience to diminish the voices enforcing you are invisible to all and without any power.

A wish of curiosity to wake up your inner child, to stop and play near the arc & light of a rainbow.

A wish of respect of yourself, no matter what & no matter why because what was is yesterday ago.

A wish of faith in your abilities to get out of your own way to create the needs from all of your wants.

A wish of focus to keep your mind where your heart needs to go & your heart where you need to be.

A wish of grace to take in stride when others make mountains from molehills & insist that you see.

And above all...

A wish to be heard at all times because your voice matters, your words create the story of only you.

A wish to be understood when you need or want to be because you matter & therefore, are here too.

Heidi · 1183 days ago
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  •  Marta: 
    Ah Heidi this is so beautiful it leaves tears in my eyes. Thankyou
     1180 days ago 
    0 points