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20.03.2012 (2286 days ago)
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Why didn't she go the whole way?

I don't understand this, lots more I don't understand but...


It was just a few slaps. That’s OK then?


Heard today, the actor who admitted to slapping his ex-wife. "I couldn't handle the fact she was a strong woman," he said.

The ex-wife, an actress who was accused to have lied about this a few years ago, said she wasn't a beaten wife, just a few slaps because she was difficult to live with.



No-one should have the right to hit another person, or animal. That's just wrong.

She's not in a situation where she fears for her life, she got out, or he got out, don't know that detail. Yet, she still somehow feels partly to blame. It takes courage to stand up, go the whole way.


More about this and women issues, and do let me know if you'd like to contribute.

Sorry, a short one due to my general state, but i had to share.

So sad about what's happened in France

What can you say?

Elle · 2286 days ago
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  •  Marta: 
    There isn't any justification for abuse. I agree it is time we fight back. I am horrified by the politics and the war on women going on in this country. When a women is told "she should go back to her abusive husband, just remember what she fell in love with," or likened to the trauma a cow or pig goes through when trying to justify their belief that not even if the fetus has died can a doctor take measures to remove it from the woman, but she must wait till it is born naturally, even if it means her health is at risk.

    Where are we going as a country and world if this is not stopped?

    Sorry for venting, this issue just really gets to me. I am with Heidi, let me know how I can help when you are better.
     2281 days ago 
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  •  Heidi: 
    Between the vaginal politics of a presendential election and the few slaps, it's time we unite as sisters and push back. Somewhere along the line, the advances we made were encroached upon and in some cases simply reversed.
    I am interested, Elle & wish to contribute. When you are better, let me know what I need to do.
     2286 days ago 
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Why didn't she go the whole way?