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What Could Be The Hazards of Parenting a Child in a Perfect World?


In a perfect world everyone would love one another. What are the chances that such a world will ever exist?

Believe it or not a world of unconditional love already exists. At least it does for people who have Williams syndrome. People with this rare genetic disorder are pathologically trusting. Their world is populated only by really good friends.

NPR's Alix Spiegel found out just how loving and trusting a child with Williams syndrome is (A Life Without Fear, April 26, 2010). Spiegel's introduction to Isabelle, a 9-year-old girl with the disorder, began with a hug and an impromptu love song: "You're my friend ... You're my friend in the whole world...You look so nice and so beautiful and so sweet."

While Isabelle has only love for everyone she meets, her mother Jessica is much less idealistic. Imagine if your child had no fear of strangers. That she swore unconditional love to everyone - the postal carrier, the bank teller, and random people on the street. Read the entire story at Living in the Heartland.


IntheHeartland · 2925 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Isn't oxytocin the hormone released by nursing mothers when they breast feed? It's a beautiful thing, but I can definitely see where there could be some huge hazards. I had never heard of Williams syndrome before. Apparently, some bad people out there have. Too bad, this is a bad thing...
     2925 days ago 
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What Could Be The Hazards of Parenting a Child in a Perfect World?