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WOTV Weekly - Devastating Topic


Devastating Topic
June 14, 2013

This month's topic, STOP THE VIOLENCE: STRONG WOMEN SURVIVING DEVASTATING ORDEALS, is meant to empower us all and also Pipe Dreams by Destiny Allisonto let us know that no matter what you have endured in your life, you are not alone. Many of you have shared on your profile pages, and on Facebook.  However, if you are able, and if you are comfortable, please bring your sharing to your WOTV blog. Sharing via your WOTV blog is free and brings your message to the world via our Facebook and Twitter networks.


In addition to sharing our survivals, WOTV marketing team member, Nora Canon, has also been posting in our Facebook some helpful safety tips, so that we can gain knowledge and awareness of opportunities we have, to gain a little more protection in our daily lives.


I encourage you to share via your WOTV blog, vlog or photographs and enrich your experience in this community. Expressing yourself opens up avenues of friendship and support that you never realized existed before.

Special gratitude and love to our sponsors.  Please check out Pipe Dreams by Destiny Allison, new adult dystopia.

Thank you for being on the Verge,
Ana Lewis


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WOTV Weekly - Devastating Topic