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30.09.2012 (2028 days ago)
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This political season has brought out the very worst in people. It has made it clear to me some of the things that I believe are wrong with our society today. Remember the old saying, don’t talk religion or politics well maybe that saying is right, yet with so much at stake, it is difficult to keep ones mouth shut. After all, we have so many people vying for a job, a chance to go to college, healthcare, and to practice their own religion.

One of the things that, was so clearly pointed out to me on a thread on one of the social media sites the other day, was how clearly so many people consider it their right to be rude. One man called it freedom of speech.

Now I was raised believing people should be respectful, respect another’s viewpoint, as much as possible. When the other viewpoint is opposed to yours at least point it out in a kind way, or at least without yelling. Better yet, if possible step out of the conversation. Though if someone is clearly telling lies, and using those lies to defame another, to step away is to condone their behavior and you might need to tell them, you will not accept their statements.

At least let us get a bit of civility back into our conversation. I find it is difficult to watch and listen to anyone who believes they have a right to misuse others. To scream, yell, throw temper-tantrums or otherwise abuse another for any reason.

How have we gotten to this place? Some have called us an entitled society. Maybe in some ways we are. Though I believe it is not the way it is being used, more often this entitlement appears to be a belief that some don’t have to have decent manners. That their wishes, feelings, wants, and needs are paramount, and no one else counts.

Where has all the kindness gone? Where have we left our ability to at least be polite? Why do some people believe that rude and abusive behavior is acceptable and just a form of freedom of speech. Going so far as to say, they don’t need to apologize for their rudeness after all they have freedom of speech.

I am at a loss, to understand why people don’t think they can get their point across without screaming, demeaning, or calling people names.

I need a little civility to come back into the world. If we as a nation can’t be civil to each other, no matter our views, than how can we ever hope to have peace with the rest of the world?

Marta · 2028 days ago
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  •  Marta: 
    Elle, I have missed your wisdom so. I am not sure that social media has any part in this trend to rudeness and hate. I am thinking it is unhappiness, because these people have found out the world isn't totally revolving around them and they are trying to put others down so they can somehow feel as if they are superior.

    Then at least in America the TV, video games, ad's etc. have so much celebration of the cynic, and mean spirit. They seem to think it funny and acceptable behavior. I think it is one of the reasons I watch so little TV. Hugs thanks for reading my post. xoxo
     1993 days ago 
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  •  Elle: 
    So agree with you. I dislike people being rude. Perhaps it's been made worse by social media, which is ironic since it's supposed to be "social".
    People think they can be even ruder behind their screens. They like to antagonise others, criticise, hate even sometimes, or just be mean for the sake of it.
    Another form of bullying I guess.
    I can't understand people who scream to argue their point, or lack of point. It makes me want to withdraw, which I do at times. Those are the times when I wonder why I even bother. I come back eventually because of the people I care and to support the charities and various groups I believe in.
     2028 days ago 
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