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The Modern Granola Girl
13.05.2014 (1501 days ago)
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Two Years Later

It's been two years since I last posted and since my husband passed away. A lot in my life has changed since then. The first year, so far, was the hardest. We were all a mess but it seems we have pulled ourselves together and we are all going places and enjoying life once again. 

I am in school full time, well I am off for the summer, and working full time. I renewed my nurses aide certification after we moved back to Virginia. I got accepted to nursing school for this coming fall. I made the Dean's List and have found a place to work that I love and can see myself staying at for the rest of my working career. 

My kids have grown exponentially. My daughter is still shy in new situations and always will be, that's just fine, we can't all be extrovert extraordinaires. My son has come out of his shell and is apparently more like his mom and is very outgoing. My daughter is outgoing as well once she gets to know people. 

The boy who couldn't read well and struggled so hard to learn now not only reads well but sneaks up at late at night to read his books. I am so totally thrilled. He has discovered that he loves to play baseball and going fishing as well. He is turning into a pretty good artist though if given a choice he would rather watch a video game walkthrough, play a video game or just sit on the couch. I am noticing a difference this year in that as well, he just all of a sudden gets up and goes outside to play with sticks, his cap guns or just to ride his bike.

The girl, she is turning into a truly remarkable young woman. Still a teenager with all that goes with that stage of the game but still I see glimpses of the young woman she will be and I beam with pride. She is a talented artist and sculptor, she is beginning to become an accomplished pianist. She has joined the school marching band and makes the A/B honor roll. She makes good decisions about friends and activities. The best part in all of this, she comes and talks to me about most things. I know not all things but I think the important stuff she comes to me with and then everything else she goes to our pastor about or our youth leader at church. 

We all spent a lot of time grieving and being afraid of our new life. However, through family, friends and church we have learned to embrace life and move on. There are still days where things aren't so good but they are few and far between now. 

I am hoping to share more with you all this summer. During the school year my writing becomes sporadic due to the course load and having to work full time as well. I will do my best to be more active once again.

Light, Love and Peace

granolagirl · 1501 days ago
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Two Years Later