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These Seniors are Extraordinary. Two Women Prove They Can Go the Long Haul


Some women never give up. Take Diana Nyad for example. Nyad, born August 22, 1949 in New York City, is attempting to complete a long-distance swim she attempted more than 30 years ago. Sometime this summer Nyad wants to make the 103-mile swim from Cuba to the coast of Florida. The now 61-year-old Nyad spent nearly 42 hours in the water in 1978 battling strong currents and bad weather before she abandoned her plan.

Nyad was inducted into the International Swimming Hall of Fame in 2003. Over the years she has broken numerous world records including setting a distance record for swimming from the Island nation of Bimini to Florida and speed record for circling Manhattan Island.

Nyad hung up her long-distance swim cap years ago until 2009 when she decided to not let her senior status prevent her from achieving a dream.

Lynne Cox is another one no to give up on her dreams. As a girl she seemed to be the slowest swimmer in her class but she kept going. Eventually Lynne realized that she wasn't cut out to be racer, so she tried something a little different. Lynne Cox has done things that no other woman, and sometimes no man has ever achieved... To read the entire blog post visit Living in the Heartland.

IntheHeartland · 2850 days ago
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These Seniors are Extraordinary. Two Women Prove They Can Go the Long Haul