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These Girls Play Ball with the Guys

So what’s the difference between sex and gender? Plenty! Sex is about the biological makeup of a person. Gender is something all together different. Gender is a social construction. Gender is a barrier established to prevent women from reaching their potential. Here’s the story of two females: one who is proof that women can play baseball with the best of the guys, and the other hopes to continue to break barriers in football when she’s a little older.

Justine Siegal, 36, wore an A’s uniform this week – noteworthy because she’s the first women to throw batting practice at a major league camp. Justine Siegal is founder of Baseball For All, a nonprofit organization offering baseball instruction and opportunities to play. Another female hoping to kick the gender barrier is 10-year-old Ava Childs. If you watched the XLV Super Bowl you probably saw Ava. Her dream is to be an NFL kicker.

Read the full story about these females and other inspirational women on my blog Living in the Heartland.

IntheHeartland · 2674 days ago
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These Girls Play Ball with the Guys