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04.05.2010 (3182 days ago)
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The Dear One, a special person

Because I love him, he who holds my hands in happy and difficult times.No matter what life throws at us, we are still together.Even when he shakes his head in disbelief, wanting me to stop or rest, he knows and understands.Sometimes struggling to see how I can remain positive but he still understands.

Knowing that ultimately, we make the right decisions, that life has to carry on, that our children need us to be strong.

We had a tough week-end, we made it our own.Yesterday on getting up, I felts so terrible and completely devoid of energy.Still I got ready and we went out with our children.

It was a beautiful day, full of laughter.We forgot for a while, simply being happy.

Thank you my dear for holding me, for making me switch off last Thursday when it was all getting a bit too much.I needed a break from the Internet, you were right of course.

You created a little cocoon and held me close.I feel better for it.You know...


A special person


It takes a special person to live with a writer.One who doesn't mind waking up in the middle of the night to find his wife scribbling away like a woman possessed.I am forever writing, encouraged by this special man, so understanding.

The Dear One who keeps nudging me when he spots the signs of my madness, the one who makes sure I have time to liberate my mind, knowing and understanding that no peace will be found in that crazy head of mine until I have written down as much as I can.

Perhaps it helps that he's an artist and an insomniac, he has the same sensitivity and therefore the patience to bear with me.We understand each other.

It doesn't really surprise me that many writers end up lonely or reclusive.

Unless of course, they're lucky enough to find a special person like I have.


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thank you for all the kind messages to the both of us, gratefully received!


Elle · 3182 days ago
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  •  Anonymous: 
    Elle you are indeed reaping what you sow and how beautiful it is!
     3181 days ago 
    0 points
  •  Heidi: 
    You are pure inspiration and all heart and soul.
     3182 days ago 
    0 points
  •  AnaLewis: 
    You are receiving what you give, dear Elle. Your heart is open and you are healing this very minute. I can feel it's beauty. Can you?
     3182 days ago 
    0 points
The Dear One, a special person