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03.05.2010 (2973 days ago)
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Summer Reading Confessions

Be still my heart! I just received notification that my pre-ordered copy of the latest Sookie Stackhouse novel is on its way!

Yes, I am addicted to serial novels. Particularly those on the funny/sleazy/sci-fi/fantasy side. Pure Paperback Pleasure. Industrial strength light reading. Get me lost in the tough-bitch character any day.

Here are a few of my favorites:

Sookie Stackhouse, the mind-reading, sexy vampire lover, by Charlaine Harris (the HBO series, True Blood is based on these books), a waitress in a small town in Louisiana, lives in her grandmother's old house, has a brother who gets laid more than the flowers in my garden and has deep connections to the vampire world - where everyone is hot and sexy. She has a flare for putting on the most outrageous matchy-match outfits (can anyone say PINK!?) and her ditzy sense of humor makes me laugh out loud.

Mercy Thompson, raised by werewolves, this much tattooed mechanic girl has canine tendencies of her own. She changes at will to a coyote, which gives her special powers to help solve crimes in eastern Washington state committed by vampires, faeries and werewolves. Patricia Briggs brings us this saucy, rule breaking woman, who lives in a trailer next door to her werewolf/boyfriend and his daughter - with her old boyfriend as her roommate.

Claire Randall, the time-traveling physician, with the hottest, kilt-wearing, 18th century Scottish husband, Jamie is brought to us by Diana Gabaldon. Claire is the all-time queen in my book. She is intelligent, brilliant, sensible and I could seriously be her friend... if she was real. But I know, sadly, she is not. She travels through the centuries via some Stonehenge type figuration in Scotland and gives us quite the lesson in American and European history during her adventures. Forever at her side is her big, handsome, hulk of a perfect auburn-haired specimen, Jamie, her husband... yup, could be friends with him, too. As soon as I wipe the drool off my face, so I could be more presentable... oh yeah, he's not real either.

I have often wondered why do I, capital L, Love these books? What makes me pre-order them, only to devour them in about two days time? Then insatiably, anxiously await the next installment to the series? Could it be these women take no crap? Could it be their intelligence? Their gifts? Their sense of humor? Yes, yes, yes and yes! I also think that since I am hopelessly addicted to reading in general, with series like these, the stories never end. Yes!!!


AnaLewis · 2973 days ago
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Summer Reading Confessions