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Sister Margaret McBride's Ethical Dilemma


Question: Suppose you are the only adult around when a child begins to drown in a swimming pool. There are other children nearby, but they are too young to help. You see nothing in the pool area you can use to help the child. She is beyond your reach and in water more than 6-ft deep. You'd have plunged in right away to save this child if you knew how to swim. As a single mother, however, you have to worry about your own children. Who will assume responsibility for your children if you drown? What should you do?

Sister Margaret McBride found herself in an ethical dilemma. Sister Margaret was an administrator at St. Joseph's Hospital in Phoenix when she was asked whether she would support a decision to abort a pregnant woman's 11-week-old fetus. The woman was experiencing pulmonary hypertension, a condition that weakens the heart and lungs. Her pregnancy complicated the condition. Doctors thought there was a serious chance the condition might result in her death.

Sister Margaret McBride was demoted at the hospital for her decision. The Catholic Church excommunicated the nun.

Read the rest of the story at Living in the Heartland.


IntheHeartland · 2886 days ago
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  •  Anonymous: 
    I, too, am Catholic and have personally vowed not to take communion until Sister Margaret McBride, the nun who was excommunicated from the Roman Catholic Church in December, once again takes her communion. Probably the defenders of child rapists in Rome don't care, but it's important to me...
     2872 days ago 
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    Oh my goodness! What an incredible story!! Thank you for sharing. Very powerful discussion. I feel compassion for Sister Margaret and thankful that she has the courage to listen to her heart and tell the truth of how she feels.
     2886 days ago 
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Sister Margaret McBride's Ethical Dilemma