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19.04.2011 (2622 days ago)
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It seems like yesterday when my sisters and I would go to the Laundromat and entertain ourselves and anyone else that happened to be there at the time with a song and dance routine.

LOL it embarrassed our kids to no end but what else are parents and aunts for, but to break into a routine of “if I had a brain,” in front of the world. Complete with a dance routine to the tune of the washers rinsing and the dryers spinning.

I expect they wanted to go running and screaming “I don’t know them,” when one of their friends would walk by or look into the window but what the hell, we were having fun.

Marlene always the actress would throw a boa around her neck, pull out a long cigarette holder and break into a chorus that would have challenged Marlene Dietrich.

For Helen it was usually Embraceable You. Paula and I would do “If Momma Was Married” from Gypsy or all four of us would sing through nearly every song from The King and I, West Side Story or any other musical that had caught our fancy that day.

Sometimes we would take the show on the road visiting nursing homes and hospitals. As a sister act we weren’t all that good except for Marlene and Helen who could actually hold a tune.

Me I never could unless it was playing the leprechaun from Finians Rainbow, then I wasn’t completely awful. But sometimes just having fun and not caring if you are making a complete ass of yourself is the best medicine in the world.


Marta · 2622 days ago
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