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Run Rosie, Run. She's Number One around the Track

Many young girls dream of owning or just riding horses. But those who dare to become a professional jockey have lots of hard work ahead of them. Rosie Napravnik, 23 finished ninth in the 2011 Kentucky Derby in May. She became the highest-finishing female rider in the premier thoroughbred horse race that has traditionally been a sport dominated my men. Read her story on my LivingintheHeartland blog. And, check out my book while I'm off for a few weeks.

IntheHeartland · 1967 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    What a great picture, too. Wonderful smile. You can see SHE is shining through.
     1966 days ago 
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Run Rosie, Run. She's Number One around the Track