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03.09.2012 (2237 days ago)
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Random acts of kindness

Kindness surrounds us, if we're not too blind to see it.

It doesn't take much, the smallest of gesture to restore our faith, my faith, in humanity.

There was the boy who put his arms around me when I was sobbing in a school corridor many years ago. I was so distraught, for once I could not hide it, and I had nowhere to hide. How many students walked past me that day? Yet, that boy, I have no idea who he was, stopped. Even in my distress, I could hear his concern was genuine, and to this day, I've never forgotten it.

More recently, I was in a rush. We got caught in a traffic jam trying to get to the cinema. I stopped in front of the cinema, giving my purse to my daughter so she could buy tickets while I tried to find a parking space. We had to get right to the top of town. My little boy and I rush to get a ticket for the car park when I remembered I had given my purse to my daughter. I scraped change in my car and tried again, the damn machine refused some of my coins. I'm now getting really het up, we still got to run all the way down, I worry about my daughter (she's safe there of course, but I know she'll be worried ) and my little boy is worried we're going to miss the film. And then, a very kind gentleman who has appeared behind me hears my distress and tops up my change, just like that. I thanked him profusely, we ran down, my daughter breathed, I caught my breath back and we had a smashing time. I won't forget you either, kind sir.

Elle · 2237 days ago
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  •  Marta: 
    Don't you love people like this?
     2210 days ago 
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Random acts of kindness