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Power of Words; Gratitude

I have been visiting and reading many of the posts on WOTV for a few months now and I am inspired.  I have posted a few comments here and there and tweeted links to great posts.  When the topic for this month was posted, The Power of Words, I knew it was time to join the conversation.

It's simple; thank someone.  The power of being appreciated or appreciative is big. Now I am not talking about the polite “please and thank you” that our parents taught us, it’s a dying breed, I know, but there are still many of us around. I mean the person you didn’t think to thank. It takes a moment, and we might have to take a step back to see it.  We might normally say, that’s their job, or they are supposed to do it that way. But to hear a thank you for doing our job, the way we are suppose to can change our day or week, does it not? I am even going to have to say that putting myself in the frame of mind to look for the person to say thank you to each day improves my outlook on the whole day! It’s little and easy; it's two powerful words.

hookedonwdw · 2543 days ago
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  •  JennyleefromTN: 
    I love this post. It is the simplest words that bring the greatest joy, when spoken genuinely. Thank you for the reminder.
     2536 days ago 
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  •  doreenb8: 
    You are so right and it is such an easy thing to say; throw in a smile and really make someones day!
     2543 days ago 
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Power of Words; Gratitude