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One word to simplify your life

One word? Yes, just one word. Come on, we all know it, only some of us really struggle with that one little word. Have you guessed yet? That little pesky word, no. So short, yet so troublesome.

OK, so I'm not very good at saying no. I have had to practice, take a deep breath, and not just say yes on automatic pilot. Trouble is saying yes all the time when you really should say no is not very healthy. 

I try to consider things before committing myself and also not to put myself in a position where I will be asked endless favours.

I'm here and always be for the people who matter, but time-wasters, people who can't be bothered to do it themselves and other vampires are no longer my concern. 

I love saying yes, but I can't do it all. But if I'm there for someone it's a 100% affair. Remember I can be a all or nothing girl.

And what of the people you try and help only for them to stab you in the back as soon as it doesn't go their own way? Best to forget them quickly. Live and learn.

What about you? Are you good at saying no?

Elle · 1993 days ago
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One word to simplify your life