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Everything is energy; form is just the container
11.11.2009 (3086 days ago)
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New You-Old you

For most of us, life is happening fast. Our ability to untangle thoughts from emotions and cause from effect is lost in this "busy-busy" life.

Do you know which comes first? The thought or the emotion?
Have you ever said, "you make me so happy" or "you make me so mad?"

This entanglement of emotion and thinking is nothing new. What is newer is a premise that says we have the ability to sort out our internal static-with out much effort. We just need to think positively, have goals, take steps to meet the goals........sound familiar?

Humans may be basic in some measures, but overall our complexity has confounded us through-out the millennia. If it really was as simple as thinking positively (although it does help like an aspirin for a fever) then we'd all be fine by now.
The initial positive thinking, goal achieving, step making works. For a short period of time. Folks feel hopeful, see some progress, and then realize something is missing. A nagging feeling tells them there has been a fundamental miss-step-so naturally they go back over their formula, plan, steps and -wait for it-do them again!

Here's the miss-step:
Folks confuse their life with a garden.
In a garden it works to plant over crap to grow what you want.
In your life, you have to dig the crap out, let it go, and put in new soil. The crap out is a psychological process. The new soil in is a spiritual process.

Try this: (this is only for the very courageous)
Sit in a common place-a place like your office chair, your sofa and for 60 minutes, just be. No agenda, nothing to do, follow your breath. Keep your focus on it and return to the breath when you notice you are lost in something else.
When the 60 minutes is up, journal about what happened, how you felt, what you did or didn't do, your thoughts.

Here are common reactions to this exercise:
*I began doing something and it was a minute or two before I realized I was even doing what I was doing!
*I didn't realize how many sounds, and stimulus was in this environment
*After a few minutes I was agitated. And it built.
*Constant mind chatter, commenting on every stimulus.
*One thought lead to another-just mental vomit-no meaning
*Boy does the mind wander!
*I have no control over my thinking-it is habitual and automated by input.
*I live an illusion that I am in control of me.
No one has to tell you what this experience means. Every person who does this gets the impact: they do not know how to be-only do. This epiphany is usually a window to a whole new You. In your present state, old you is controlled by circumstances and events and people outside of you. The illusion that you are in control is laid plain as day in front of you.

The old you will want to ignore all of your experience.

The new you understands the meaning of power now. If you are to claim your birth right and be a powerful person, you must accept that you are meant to be cause in your life-not at the effect of circumstances.

You must think your thoughts, not your thoughts think you.

If you are courageous enough to try this exercise for your own growth, I can promise you the new you will suit you much better, handle the circumstances of your life much better and will be much happier.


Karen-Monroy · 3086 days ago
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  •  Anonymous: 
    So If I get what you are saying, self help is basically crap? Because we are only tinkering with the top soil and not with the base soil that is responsible for fertilizing? Gwyne
     3085 days ago 
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  •  Anonymous: 
    I did it. Still too blown away to put to words around my experience. Yea. I need a whole new me. I can see that now.
     3086 days ago 
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New You-Old you