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My new French adventure

So here we go, for a while i've been dabbling a little.

It started last summer, guided by the Dear One who sat me down with a pen in my hand and not a word.


I knew what it meant,there was something in me that needed to come out.



So I did and 5 minutes later it was all there on paper,I was quite surprised as it came out so quickly and in French,also in an altogether different style that what I'm used to.

A few weeks ago,I started thinking about creating a french blog.I've also been doing some writing for a few people.

Forever doubting myself,I didn't think much of it,yes,friends made comments but I assumed they were being kind and supportive.

The Dear One also outed my blog on Twitter,quite a shock.

I hurriedly started re-reading everything for fear of ridicule.

Then, I saw this contest but was too afraid to enter it.After a sleepless night, I resumed writing and finally plucked up the courage.

So,there,I've done it,feel better about it and enjoyed the nice comments from people who don't know me and don't need to spare my fragile feelings.

Ok,I'll stop with the British humour and self-derision.


For any French speakers,here's the link:      






Hope you all have a nice week-end.




Elle · 2929 days ago
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  •  AnaLewis: 
    How fun!!! My husband is French, so I will pass this along to him. He will enjoy even more than me, since my French is quite limited to food, family, telling time and finding directions. :) xxxooo
     2929 days ago 
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My new French adventure